Imperfect | Rainbow Rust Mat

Imperfects sale. These items feature the same product details as our full priced items, however they have minor imperfections which can include the following -
  • small fabric snags
  • stitching thread imperfections, stitching has become broken, loose or missing in small areas
  • minor fabric marks/imperfections
These imperfections don’t affect the functionality but are cosmetic.
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Foam Insert

Our organic foam insert is certified GOLS and non toxic

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At a Glance

Our play mats are made from natural foam that gives your little one a soft yet firm surface to catch tumbles as they work toward each baby milestone. Made with only the safest materials, they're super easy to clean, thanks to a fully removable cover.

  • Top: White rainbow stamps on rust background. Bottom: White stamped dashes on dark grey background.
  • Consists of a removable fabric cover with two side zipper closures, and two foam inserts.
  • Designed exclusively for Toki by Jen B. Peters. 

Play Mats

Designed to allow the freedom to play, tumble, and grow and to always know that it’s okay to fall.

Tummy Time

A soft, comfortable space for little ones to practice tummy time.


Thick latex foam creates responsive padding for ouch-free fun.

Family Play

Dense cushioning supports babies and adults alike for family play.

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