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Why Our Customers Love Toki

April 8, 2024

If you’re new to Toki Mats, you might not know that our play products aren’t your standard, run-of-the-mill baby toys. A baby’s first year is a whirlwind of development at a breathtaking pace, and many toys on the market aren’t made to last longer than a few months at most. These toys are often close-ended, loud, made of plastic, use batteries, and your baby loses interest in a matter of weeks as they rapidly outgrow them. Not only is this a waste of your money, these items end up in our landfills and contribute to worsening the climate crisis. Here at Toki, we believe in high-quality, non-toxic play products that grow with your babies and kids, promote gross motor development, and foster creative, independent play. Our mission is to create a safe space for every child to play as they take on the world, and we’ve built a community of like-minded parents and caregivers who love Toki for safety, functionality, open-ended use, aesthetics, and more. Here’s what verified customers have to say about our products:

Toki Mat

toki mats play mat

“So glad I bought this play mat for my four month old. We were using blankets and foam tiles for tummy time and playtime before the Toki mat but it was getting uncomfortable for me and my baby wasn’t enjoying being on the floor as much. As soon as she got on the play mat her body relaxed and had been enjoying floor time and tummy time even more. Wish I purchased this sooner! Excited to work on her milestones on this mat!”
-Gizelle G. reviewing Dogs Mat

“I searched for a great play mat for my 7 month old daughter. The toki mat is super comfortable and has a lot of padding compared to the competition. I love that you can wash the cover and flip the mat over to change up the look. Everyone who sits on it comments on how comfortable it is and more importantly my little girl LOVES rolling over on it.”
-Sarah T. reviewing Blue Tile Mat

“We absolutely love our Everywhere Mat! The pattern is beautiful, and the mat itself [is] so is soft and comfortable. With the handles on the back, it’s so easy to bring along with us outside as well. Plus it wipes right clean when we’re done! I couldn’t recommend it more.”
-Chloe reviewing Vines Mat

“We had a Standard and Mega Toki since last year and just now added an Epic. It’s perfect as a crash pad under our Nugget builds for our clumsy toddler that has slipped on our tile floors way too many times.”
-Marketa V. reviewing Celestial Mat

“LOVE it. I was debating between mega and regular; went for mega, and I'm SO happy! Right now, it fits the baby AND me, so I can lay with him comfortably - we hang out on the floor for hours! I usually set him there by himself with his toys - he's good for 30-60 mins on his own (depending on tiredness & hunger level), and once he wants some attention, I join him on the mat and we play together. It's the best. The mat is the perfect combo of soft & sturdy. I have carpets in my house so I didn't fully appreciate ALL the benefits until I spent a weekend at my mom's house; she has tiled floor — a Toki mat there is a GAMECHANGER. Also, so great knowing it's non-toxic and my baby is not breathing/licking any chemicals.”
-Kasey L. reviewing Cats Mat

Play Couch

toki mats play couch

“My 9 month old loves his play couch so much, I wish I got it sooner! + First we opened it into the daybed and propped him in the corner to support him learning to sit up. I noticed a huge difference after just a few days of using it that way, since I was nervous about how wobbly he was while learning to sit. He quickly learned how to crawl his way on and off, in and out of his corners. Now he can sit up unsupported and is using [it] to try to stand up. I can see this being loved for years to come.”
-Sam reviewing Galaxy in Blue Play Couch

“My daughter loves sitting in this during play time and for movie nights! Portable, comfortable and so cute!”
-Ashley reviewing Blooms Play Couch

“Can’t get enough compliments on this adorable (and practical) couch! Not only does our 10 month old love it, my husband also uses it to comfortably sit on his level while he’s having floor time. Well worth the price - we get so much use out of it! Can’t wait until we teach him to start taking naps on it when it’s pulled out.”
-Rebecca P. reviewing Galaxy in Blue Play Couch

“This play couch is exactly what we were looking for and more! High quality and definitely worth the money! My 2 & 4 year olds love it so much - they sit to read books and lie down when they’re watching a movie (the cutest!!). The mud cloth pattern is a great neutral and goes really well with the decor of our home. Highly recommend!”
-Jaqueline F. reviewing Mudcloth Play Couch

“I got this play couch for my 10 month old, knowing that he’ll use it more as he gets older. So far, he is already obsessed with it and loves to climb on it, pull books over to it to look at, and lay on. The material is high quality and the print is so cute — definitely recommend!!”
-Quincy H. reviewing Galaxy in Blue Play Couch

Bean Bags

toki mats bean bag

“I am over the moon about this bean bag. It’s so soft yet beautifully holds its shape . My little one will love this as a safe play prop as she grows and can use it for climbing and (eventually) reading. The washable cover is a practical and much-appreciated feature, too!”
-Allison V. reviewing Cloud Bean Bag

“The only problem with this bean bag is that I only have one 😂 my older boys (2.5 and 5) love it so much they fight over who gets to play on it. My boys are pretty rough with it (running and jumping on it) and it's held up!! They also love using it to lounge while reading. I'm not sure if it has a weight limit, but I love sitting on it myself 😂 when playing at the low activity table with my littles. My youngest is only 5 months, but it's going to be perfect once he starts standing and climbing!”
-Thriving F. reviewing Sage Bean Bag

“We love the sage color and versatility of this bean bag! Right now it's set up as a cozy reading corner. It's also firm enough to provide a padded landing for my active roly poly toddler, yet soft enough for mama to sneak in a nap!”
-Janet R. reviewing Sage Bean Bag

“This is the most satisfying bean bag EVER! It’s the perfect balance of firm and soft, and it will be loved for many years in this family. Definitely worth the money, and it’s an added benefit that it’s not an eyesore like most kids bean bags are.”
-Lindsey B. reviewing Sage Bean Bag

“Toki Mats does it again! The new bean bag is an absolute dream and so cloud cozy. It’s super soft while also being firm enough to be a seat, and is easily portable from room to room. My son loves to sit on it, jump on it, and play on it. It can easily become an extension of your couch, play couch, etc. The cloud color is a beautiful neutral and matches all of the rooms in the house! You can feel and see the quality that Toki Mats brings, and we will be using this bean bag every day for years to come!”
-Allison P. reviewing Cloud Bean Bag

Blooms Play Couch

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Why Our Customers Love Toki

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