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What to Pack for a Family Snow Trip

December 25, 2023

Although winter can be a dreary season for those who aren’t fans of shorter days and frigid weather, there’s no denying the pure joy that fresh snowfall can bring to adults and little ones alike. If you live in an area where it never snows, planning a snow vacation this winter might be on your bucket list so that your family can make core memories like sledding, building snow forts, making snow angels, and more. To top it off, the best part about playing in the snow all day is coming inside to sit by the fireplace and sip hot cocoa. Planning a family vacation is never easy, but we’re making it as easy as possible with the ultimate packing list to make this vacation the best one yet.

baby wearing a sweater and a beanie laying on a toki mats play mat


  • Sunscreen: Snow can reflect almost 90% of UV radiation, making sunburn highly likely. Protect yourself and your little ones by applying sunscreen on exposed skin.
  • Lip balm: Dry, winter air can cause chapped lips, which can get uncomfortable and then downright painful.
  • Lotion: Keep your children’s skin moisturized to prevent dry, itchy skin or eczema flare ups.
  • Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrushes, and toothpaste are essentials you never want to forget!
  • Baby wash: Don’t forget to pack the baby wash to care for your baby’s delicate skin and hair.
  • Aloe vera gel: Even with sunscreen, sunburn isn’t always avoidable. Aloe vera gel can help soothe inflamed skin.
  • Infant/Children’s Tylenol: Always pack fever-reducing/pain-relieving medication for your baby and your kids in case of an emergency. 
  • Children’s Zyrtec: Even if your little ones don’t have any known allergies, preparing for an unexpected allergic reaction is always a good idea.
  • Nasal aspirator: If your baby gets sick, this can help keep their nose clear and help them breathe easier.
  • Saline drops: Saline this and loosens mucus to help you clear your baby’s nose more effectively.
  • Pacifiers: Never. Forget. The. Pacifiers.
  • First aid kit: Even the most basic of first aid kids will have what you need to quickly treat minor injuries.
  • Hair brush: Keep knots and tangles away with a detangling hairbrush.
  • Laundry detergent: Always plan for a blowout. Always.
  • Car seats: If you’re traveling by plane, but planning to rent a car at your destination, your kiddos will be far more comfortable in their own car seats.
  • Stroller: A stroller might be a tight fit in your car trunk, but it can make your vacation less stressful!
  • Blankets: Keep little ones warm in the car or stroller with comfy blankets.
  • Baby carrier: Even if you’re bringing your stroller, a baby carrier is a must-have for keeping baby calm and your hands free.


  • Snow jackets: Waterproof and insulated, a snow jacket is essential for staying dry and comfortable.
  • Snow pants: Waterproof pants mean kids can sit, roll, and play all day in the snow while staying dry.
  • Snow boots: The only thing worse than wet pants? Wet socks. Boots that are designed to keep feet dry are a snow essential.
  • Wool socks: Wool socks keep little toes from getting too cold and numb.
  • Baby snowsuit: A waterproof snowsuit means that your baby can also enjoy playing in the snow without getting too cold.
  • Baby booties: Keep your baby’s feet nice and warm in frigid temps with cozy booties.
  • Footies: Footie pajamas make a warm base layer for your baby during the day and at night.
  • Leggings: Snug fitting leggings are comfortable to wear under snow pants as an added layer of warmth.
  • Turtlenecks: A turtleneck helps keep your child’s neck warm and protected from cold winds.
  • Snow goggles/sunglasses: Safeguard your children’s eyes from the elements and harsh UV rays with protective eyewear.
  • Hats: Keep everyone’s heads warm to better retain body heat in cold weather.
  • Snow mittens: Waterproof mittens keep little hands dry and comfortable while playing in the snow.
  • Babywearing coat: Having a coat that is specifically designed to go around you while you’re wearing your baby means you don’t have to try to fit your bundled up baby in a carrier while you’re also wearing layers on layers.


  • Sleep sack: Keep your baby warm and safe with a wearable blanket.
  • Sound machine: A sound machine can help drown out ambient noise so your baby can sleep even when the rest of the family is awake.
  • Portable blackout curtains: Keep the room dark even in the daytime to keep your baby’s nap schedule running smoothly.
  • Travel crib: Safe sleep is non-negotiable, even when traveling. A travel crib provides a safe sleep space for your baby wherever you go.
  • Baby monitor: A baby monitor that isn’t Wi-Fi operated is great for traveling because it’s easy to use and reliable.
  • Pajamas: Long sleeve pajamas for the whole family keep everyone warm and cozy in the winter.


  • Travel high chair: A high chair gives the baby a safe space to sit and eat while the rest of the family eats.
  • Snacks: Prevent hangry, fussy babies and toddlers with plenty of snacks throughout the day.
  • Water bottles: Stay hydrated all day with reusable water bottles.
  • Cooler: Keep perishable foods cold and safe to eat while traveling with a reliable cooler.
  • Baby utensils: Whether your baby self-feeds or is spoon-fed, baby utensils are a must for safe eating.
  • Burp cloths: Keep your outfit (and baby’s) clean from drool and spit-up with absorbent burp cloths.
  • Formula: If your baby is still on formula, don’t forget to pack enough to last your entire vacation.
  • Bottles: Bring extra bottles, extra nipples, and other bottle parts in case of breakage.
  • Bottle brush: Keep bottles and bottle parts squeaky clean between feeds.
  • Dish soap: Your favorite unscented dish soap keeps your baby’s bottles from smelling like lemon, pine, or any other unappetizing fragrance.
  • Breast pump: A manual or electric breast pump can keep your supply up and prevent engorgement.


  • Diaper bag: Stock your diaper bag with all the essentials before you leave, and bring it with you wherever you go.
  • Diapers: Bring plenty of diapers for the duration of the trip, so you don’t have to make an emergency stop to the nearest store.
  • Wipes: Baby wipes aren’t just handy for diaper changes, but also for keeping hands and faces clean on-the-go.
  • Diaper ointment: Keep your baby’s diaper area soothed and rash-free by applying ointment or cream after every change.


  • Portable play mat: Bringing your play mat is a guarantee that your baby will have a soft, safe space to play.
  • Board games: Combat boredom, encourage family time, and stay screen-free with age-appropriate board games that everyone can play.
  • Baby toys: Keep your baby entertained and prevent fussing by bringing their favorite toys.


  • Phone chargers: Having a charged phone at all times is essential for navigation and emergencies when you’re in an unfamiliar place.
  • Tablet: Family vacations can be super fun, but stressful too. Giving a child 30 minutes with a tablet can provide a much needed break for parents (and that’s okay!).
  • Headphones: Just because your child loves Cocomelon doesn’t mean the rest of the family has to listen to it too.
  • Tire snow chains: Snow chains that fit your tires are a safety essential to prevent accidents and help you drive safer.
What to Pack for a Family Snow Trip

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