Top 5 baby must haves from Scandinavian brands
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Top 5 baby must haves from Scandinavian brands

August 8, 2021

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When it comes to Scandi must-haves for babies, it’s pretty hard to narrow down choices! There are a lot of great products and brands out there, and there is a certain magic in picking something that reflects your values and is aesthetically pleasing! I wrote about minimalist baby must-haves before, and now I want to do the same for Scandi brands making beautiful, high-quality items that you and your little one can cherish together.

1. Wheat Straw Sippy Cup

Wheat Straw Sippy Cup Lion + Lamb

The Wheat Straw Sippy Cup from lifestyle brand Lion + Lamb is absolutely adorable; first of all - I love their color choices and the eco-friendly materials used. Secondly, it’s also functional and useful, so really the best of both worlds! The sippy cup is made from wheat straw, a compostable plastic, and is BPA-free. It also comes with a removable top, making it perfect for babies learning to drink independently and/or keeping their drink safe and sound. Suitable for babies four months and up, this is a great little Scandi addition to feeding that you’ll find really useful!

2. Konges Slojd Cloud Mobile - Pinkberry

Konges Slojd Cloud Mobile - Pinkberry

Konges Slojd has the cutest stuff, so it was hard to pick just one thing for this list! But their handmade baby mobile design and the color choices for this one were hard to resist. Made from felt and leather, this is a beautiful mobile that adds a bit of color to your little one’s space, and it still gives them the comfort they need to help them fall asleep on their own. 

The Konges Slojd comes in other colorways and is adjustable, making it super cute and a perfect addition to your nursery. Great for babies and a functional interior design piece, this is a must-have for moms looking for a cozy mobile to add to a nursery.

3. Toki Play Mats

Children on Toki Mats

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It’s no secret that babies and toddlers are likely to be on the floor playing most of the time. So why not make that a more safe and comfortable option by using a Toki Play Mat? The Toki Play Mats are known for their comfort, safety, style, and function, making it a great combination of all the key Scandi baby must-haves!

In addition, the padded support helps make the thought of slips and falls a little less scary, and the Toki Play Mats are easy to store, so they will always be a convenient part of your little one’s journey.

4. Liewood David Toys 3 Pack - Blue Multi Mix

Liewood David Toys 3 Pack - Blue Multi Mix

Who can resist fun bath toys for their little one? Definitely not me!

As soon as I saw Copenhagen-based Liewood’s selection of rubber bath toys, I know I needed to snag some. While there are a lot to choose from, I personally really like the dusty rose and mustard combo, and it helped that the animals themselves were super cute too!

These are made from natural ingredients, have wonderful bath floatiness, and make a simple bath way more exciting which is always nice! 

5. Ferm Living Kids' Small Pear Braided Storage Box

Ferm Living Kids' Small Pear Braided Storage Box

Storage space can be incredibly limited as your little one grows, and it’s often difficult to find practical yet cool storage boxes. Luckily Scandi brand Ferm Living has created the small pear braided storage box for an effective option to put belongings away while still looking good!

Made from braided rattan, each storage solution is made by hand, so what you have is absolutely unique. Pack with blankets and toys for a cozy surprise for your little one, and enjoy your reclaimed space!

So these are just a few of our baby must-haves from some of the best Scandinavian brands around. I love each item on this list because it balances functionality and aesthetics, coming together to create beautiful items yet also have a lot of practical value. We know it’s hard to the best products for your baby, and this post is here to help make that process easier!

Top 5 baby must haves from Scandinavian brands

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