Minimalist Baby Must Haves

Minimalist Baby Must Haves

Minimalism and simple living have taken the world by storm, and for good reason! Gone are the days where moms are told to DO IT ALL and have every new toy for their little ones. We’re done spending hours organizing a playroom or having every new baby gadget in our nursery but only really use a few key pieces.

As tempting as it can be to look at Pinterest or influencers’ playrooms and think you also need a baby carrier in every design and color, remember that things don’t equal happiness. Your baby won’t ever miss what they don’t have.

That being said, it’s always fun to furnish a nursery with a few quality items that are not only beautiful but make your life as a mom a little easier. Here are five of our favorite things.

Puj Flyte Baby Bath 

Bath time is such a magical experience for new parents and an incredible opportunity to bond with our babies. We love how current trends make baby bathtubs way more practical and esthetically pleasing than the hot pink plastic bin handing out in the guest room tub. The Puj Flyte travel tub is everything you could need in a baby tub. Puj Flyte fits into almost any sink design at home or on the go and saves our backs from breaking from leaning over a tub. Now, the tub comes to us! It’s easy to clean, and we love knowing our baby is protected and comfortable, so we don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding around in the water. 

Doona Car Seat + Stroller 

Few things get used more than a car seat and stroller, so of course, it lands a spot on our Minimalist Baby Must-Haves. Just like bathtubs, designs have come a long way in the last few years. Our favorite is the Doona Car Seat & Stroller combo. It’s the world’s first complete travel system, which means it’s the ultimate Minimalist product! It goes from car seat to stroller in just seconds! No more waking baby from their car nap or leaving the stroller at the stairs when going into a restaurant. Doona offers accessories to add, but if you’re truly just looking for the basics, you won’t be disappointed. This is one of those products you never knew you needed until you have it, and then you can’t imaging raising babies any other way.

Toki Play Mats

Ultimately, most babies and toddlers spend most of their time on the floor playing, and we wanted a space for them to do so safely and comfortably. Our Toki Play Mats bring comfort, safety, style, and function to every day play. Simple living means having things in your home you love and that you use. This baby play mat checks all the boxes! Your babies will appreciate the padded support when they tumble to the ground, and you will love the cover that easily zips off to wash after a day outside. The thick, foldable playmat design means you can store it easily and travel hassle-free. It’s the best foam play mat out there.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

It’s true what they say- it feels like all babies do is eat, sleep, and poop, which guides our list on what to cover for Minimalist Baby Must-Haves. The Peanut Changer by Keekaroo fits newborns up to three-year-olds and makes the poop part of parenting not so bad. The Peanut Changer is water-resistant and much easier to clean than cloth changing pads and is still soft and comfortable for your little ones. We can also appreciate the slip-resistant feature, so wiggly babies don’t equal messy moms. This changer can be used on the ground or the top of a dresser, so you don’t have to add a changing table to your list of baby items. #minimalistwin

Willaby Blankets

We can’t finish our list without talking about blankets, and for us, that means talking about Willaby. Not only are they beautiful, their high quality means this blanket lasts long after the newborn phase. The blankets are made of thick organic cotton gauze and are unbelievably soft. With eight layers of gauze, the blanket is warm and breathable and is perfect for bedtime, a walk in the stroller, or wherever else life takes you. Blankets are usually a favorite on the gift registry, so your minimalist list might just need a few. We believe in investing in a few quality blankets that will be with your baby throughout their childhood.

So there you have it, mama, five of our favorite products for the minimalist mom out there. The baby product world can be big and loud and sometimes overwhelming. Just remember, your baby’s favorite thing is you.


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