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The Perfect Toki for Every Type of Baby

July 17, 2023

While your baby may have spent the first month of their life resembling little more than an adorable squish, it’s not long before they start to develop their own personality with endearing behavior that you love them more each day. Even at just a few months old, your baby has a personality and temperament that’s completely unique to them, and these traits only become more apparent as they grow into their toddler years. With so many different Tokis to choose from, you might wonder which product is right for your child. Well, you’re in luck—we’ve got a Toki product for every type of baby, and we’re breaking it down for you so you can find your perfect match.

The Baby Who Drools Like A Mastiff
Vegan Leather Mat

toki mats vegan leather mat

Our vegan leather mats are made for the babies who produce more drool than you ever thought humanly possible. Because our vegan leather cover is made from non-toxic, water based, microfiber PU leather, it’s made to withstand all types of mess, and wipes clean every time. Say goodbye to washing out drool spots, and say hello to a bib-free life.

The Baby Who Face-Plants During Tummy Time
Bamboo Jersey Mat

toki mats bamboo jersey mat

As the proverb goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Same thing goes for babies. You can put a baby on the floor, but you can’t make them lift their head. If your tummy time sessions are more a battle of wills than anything, the bamboo jersey mat can at least make things more comfortable. Both the ultra soft fabric and the latex foam are super breathable, so your little one can face-plant freely.

The Baby Who Only Has Organic Everything
100% Organic Cotton Mat

toki mats organic cotton mat

A baby who’s only ever lived the organic-everything life and is completely untouched by pesticides? That’s the dream. Our 100% organic cotton mat is GOTS-certified, which is the gold standard for organic textiles, so you know that you can trust that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. Not only is it super safe for your baby, it’s super safe for the planet.

The Baby Who’s Always Sweaty
Bamboo Jersey Mat

toki mats bamboo jersey mat

Listen, some of us are just naturally sweaty and that’s totally okay. If your little one runs on the warm side and breaks a sweat as soon as the temps hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the bamboo jersey mat is just the thing they need. Bamboo jersey is naturally cool to the touch and hyper breathable. Superior ventilation allows it to wick moisture away to keep your little one cool and comfortable.

The Baby Who Sits Like The Tower of Pisa
Support Pillow

toki mats support pillow

As adults, we take simple actions like sitting up on our own for granted. Babies have to work so hard just to develop the motor skills to hold their head up, roll over, and eventually sit independently. If yours is so close to hitting this gross motor milestone, but ends up leaning like the Tower of Pisa every time, our support pillow is the little booster they need to keep them upright.

The Baby Who Loves The Outdoors But Hates Grass
Vegan Leather Mat

toki mats vegan leather mat

If you’ve never seen a video compilation of babies refusing to let their feet touch grass, we highly recommend it for a major serotonin boost. If your little one is obsessed with being outside, but literally recoils the second their skin makes contact with the grass, the vegan leather mat is the perfect safe space. Because it’s fully waterproof, all you have to do in the way of cleaning is give it a quick wipe when you’re done and, voilà, it’s ready for indoor use.

The Baby Who Makes Friends With Everyone
Picnic Blanket

toki mats picnic blanket

Some people are just born social butterflies. If your baby can manage to charm the socks off anyone with a giggle or a winning smile, you might enjoy heading to your local farmer’s market or park to enjoy a meal or just spend time outside around other people. Our picnic blanket is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and treated with a water-repellent coating that makes cleanup a breeze.

The Toddler Who Aspires To Be Evel Knieval
Play Cushion

toki mats play cushion

If your little one is constantly giving you a heart attack by launching their body off of any elevated surface, it’s time to get a play cushion. Super thick, responsive latex foam cushions falls, providing a soft landing so you can rest a little bit easier the next time your little one flies off the couch.

The Toddler Who Thinks They’re A Wrecking Ball
Play Cubes

toki mats play cubes

If we’re being honest with ourselves, knocking things over is fun at any age. Our play cubes are jumbo-sized and made from soft, lightweight foam so your toddler can stack them and then knock them over by crashing through them like a wrecking ball. Not only is it incredibly satisfying, it’s a fun way to fine tune motor skills and it’s a safe way to burn all that energy!

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The Perfect Toki for Every Type of Baby

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