rebecca, virtual assistant for Toki Mats, with her two children

Rebecca’s Top 10 Must-Have Items for Babies & Kids

March 6, 2023

Our Toki family comes from all over the world, and our very own Virtual Assistant, Rebecca Mitchell, lives all the way across the pond. Mother to 6-year old Maeve and 3-year old Rory, Rebecca was born and raised in Manchester, England, where raises her children and works remotely today. Although she spent her 20s traveling and chasing adventure, she and her husband moved back to her birthplace to focus on family. She loves being outdoors and walking the countryside with her husband and young children, but wishes she had more time to travel again. Although Rebecca and her husband don’t have as much time these days to explore new places, they try to plan trips during school holidays to give their kids the experience of traveling and experiencing new cultures. Here’s Rebecca’s top 10 must-have items for babies and kids that she found essential during her parenthood journey:

rebecca, virtual assistant for toki mats, with her daughter

1. Toki Mats Green Tile Toki Mat

Toki Mats Green Tile Toki Mat

1” of springy, latex foam makes this play mat the safe, comfortable choice for babies and kids everywhere. Non-toxic, high-quality, and highly supportive, this mat is made from natural plant latex and features a beautifully intricate design inspired by Moroccan tile.

“My favourite Toki mat is the new Green Tile mat! For me, it was so important to have soft surfaces to lay my babies on. I recommend having at least one mat upstairs and one downstairs, so you don’t have to keep carrying it up and down the stairs!”

2. aden + anais Cotton Muslin Swaddles

aden + anais Cotton Muslin Swaddles

Constructed from thick, soft muslin, these swaddles feature an open weave that makes them extra breathable. The high thread count also makes them super absorbent, making them perfect to use as swaddles, blankets, or burp cloths.

“I love having a large muslin at hand, not necessarily to swaddle, but because they can be used for so much! When I was a new mum, I used to use them as a bit of a feeding cover when I felt nervous breastfeeding in public. As my babies got bigger, I would use them for everything from burp cloths to changing mat covers.”

3. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

This 4-in-1 classic structured carrier features a fully adjustable seat that keeps your baby safe and comfortable in 4 different carry positions that suit newborns to toddlers. The microfiber fabric and breathable mesh panel allows airflow and prevents overheating.

“I could not have lived without a baby carrier! I would take my babies everywhere in these, and even do the cooking and cleaning whilst wearing my babies! I chose a Beco Gemini carrier because for me these were so comfortable and I loved the patterned designs.” 

4. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

This specially formulated skincare oil has many uses from stretch marks treatment to dark spot remover. It can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and other marks due to surgery, injury, acne, aging, and more. Fast-absorbing and non-comedogenic, this oil doesn’t clog pores and softens skin effectively. 

“This really helped with my stretch marks. I started using it in both pregnancies from around 30 weeks and carried on for months after I had given birth.”

5. Sophie la Girafe Teether

Sophie la Girafe Teether

This beloved teether is a classic toy that engages all 5 senses. Its flexible, easy-to-grip design makes it a favorite among babies, and its internal squeaker makes it fun to squeeze. Made from natural rubber and food-grade paints, this teether toy is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

“Both of my babies loved Sophie and it really seemed to help them when they started teething.”

6. Sweet Dreamers ewan Deluxe

Sweet Dreamers ewan Deluxe

Designed to help soothe and comfort babies at night, this cuddly toy emits a soft red melatonin-inducing glow and a white noise selection that includes an actual recording of a heartbeat and womb to lull little ones into peaceful sleep. The toy’s smartCRY sensor automatically activates when your baby stirs in the night and helps them resettle. Just remember to keep it away from the crib mattress, as soft toys do not fall under the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Safe Sleep guidelines!

“Ewan plays the sweetest sounds and really helped my babies sleep. When I hear the sounds that he plays now, it takes me right back to those early months with my babies.”

7. Chicco Next 2 Me Side Sleeping Crib

Chicco Next 2 Me Side Sleeping Crib

This award-winning side-sleeping crib allows you to sleep next to your baby safely without being in the same bed. This bedside crib is extremely versatile, with a wide height range and folding feet that enable it to adapt to almost all beds. Lightweight and sold with a free travel bag, this crib is also perfect for traveling.

“I used a Next 2 Me with both babies instead of a traditional moses basket, and my babies seemed to like being next to me.”

8. Bababing Hub Electric Baby Swing

Bababing Hub Electric Baby Swing

This easy-to-use swing not only takes up less space than others on the market, but is also complete with 5 swinging options. Bluetooth-enabled sounds and gentle rocking soothe your baby, while an ergonomic design and 5-point safety harness are must-have safety features. *Although this is a product made and sold in the United Kingdom, it’s important to remember that the American Academy of Pediatrics advises
against using infant swings for sleeping babies.

“This was maybe more for my husband and his love of gadgets with its ability to connect and play music from your phone! But both babies loved their baby swings too!”

9. Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Developed with lactation experts, this firm, supportive pillow helps reduce rolling and rests your baby’s head above their tummy to aid in digestion. A waist strap prevents the pillow from slipping, and an easy carry handle allows you to take it from room to room with one hand.

“I liked using a firm nursing pillow when I was feeding my babies. I could sit comfortably for hours with one of these!”

10. Tommee Tippee Gro Blackout Blind

Tommee Tippee Gro Blackout Blind

This blackout blind is a must-have for home and on-the-go use. Long-lasting suction cups help the blind attach to any clean window easily and creates a dark environment anywhere and anytime to maintain your baby’s sleep routine. A handy travel bag makes this lightweight curtain easy to transport and store.

“I loved having a Gro blind. They were easy to put up and helped my babies sleep longer during the summer here, when the mornings are bright from really early hours.”

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Rebecca’s Top 10 Must-Have Items for Babies & Kids

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