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Meet the Artist: Olivia Herrick

March 4, 2024

Meet Olivia Herrick, a Minnesota-based designer who is the creative behind our newest print. Playful Posies is an aptly-named floral print of playful, stylized blooms in a rainbow of muted, neutral colors. Recolored exclusively for Toki Mats, Playful Posies is a redesigned version of an earlier work called “Move at a Gentle Pace.” Herrick’s original print was created by hand with the message to let go of the need to hurry, and move more slowly with intention—a gentle reminder that will resonate with all parents. Herrick, who specializes in logo, golf, pattern, and packaging design, has a distinctly playful style with bold, vibrant colors that appeals to both children and adults alike. With the Playful Posies collection launching soon, we caught up with Olivia Herrick to find out more about her and her creative process.

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Q: Have you always been creative? Why did you decide to pursue design?

OH: Yes! I knew by the time I was 13 that I wanted to be a graphic designer – I was raised in a really creative home. My mom was an art director and my dad was an inventor, so they both had really unique creative characteristics that shaped my life greatly. To me, creating something out of nothing is the greatest thrill. I love my job and truly feel it is my calling.

Q: You use so many bright, vibrant colors in your work. Do you have a favorite color combination?

OH: My favorite color is a really yellow/muddy olive green. Pair that with pink or a lavender or even a cobalt blue? Magic!

Q: Your style translates very well in the children’s space. Did you feel that working with Toki Mats was a perfect fit?

OH: It could not be a better fit! The colors, the energy, the playfulness, the product itself – it's a perfect match.

Q: Playful Posies is such a fun print and you’ve managed to keep the design bright and cheerful, although the colors are actually quite muted. What was your thought process when designing this print?

OH: I created this print by hand several years ago, and this particular pattern is actually a muted version of the original. My original hope was to create a collection of playful items in a rainbow of different colors, and it has translated so well to the fabric application.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from when creating a new design?

OH: Everything outside of my office! My best ideas typically come when I am out and about in the world on a walk or playing with my kids – any time I am in motion!

Q: If you had never become a designer, what career would you be in now?

OH: In another life I would be an early elementary teacher at an outdoor/nature/farm school!

Q: Who has been your greatest influence and your greatest supporter?

OH: My greatest influence has probably been my mom – she has just shaped so much of my personality and life as a whole. My greatest supporter is absolutely my husband who keeps our life in motion when I get bogged down by work. I am so lucky to have an amazing roster of clients, but it means I have periods where I really need to lean on him to hold it all together. He's the best!

Q: Your website bio says you’re a lover of competitive golf. Do you play?

OH: Yes! I have been playing competitive golf for about 20 years. I played growing up and then played DI golf in college and still play tournaments today. I work with a lot of clients in the golf space and really enjoy that path.

Q: Do you have a life motto or piece of advice that has served you well?

OH: I have a little plaque on my desk that says "gentle & powerful" – often people will insist that business has to be intense, abrasive, and cutthroat, and I am just convinced that there is an alternate path. I believe you can be kind and gentle and powerful and ambitious.

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Meet the Artist: Olivia Herrick

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