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Let's Talk About Our Prices

July 3, 2023

It’s no question that Toki Mats are a one-of-a-kind product. Unlike other play mats on the market which are made from stuffed fabric or polyurethane foam, our mats are made with natural latex foam that provides unparalleled comfort and support for little ones. Our latex foam comes from rubber sap that undergoes the Dunlop process to create the same thick, springy material that so many people love for their mattresses. When our founder, Eli Yonas, couldn’t find a play mat in the United States that measured up to her standards of safety, comfort, and aesthetic, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create a product that she would trust with her own babies. After having no success finding the right materials in the baby industry, she started searching within the bedding industry and realized that latex foam was the leading material in the newest eco-friendly, high-end mattresses. 

If you look at the price of latex mattresses on the market, you’ll notice that they cost significantly more than standard spring mattresses. That’s because latex foam comes from natural raw material, undergoes a strict manufacturing process (especially if it’s GOLS-certified organic, and ours is!), and is super durable. Those are all some of the reasons that we use latex foam in our play mats, and while we’re super proud to make a high-quality product for families all over the world, we know that the higher price tag can make some people hesitate. We know that all parents want the best for their babies, and we also know that higher-priced items aren’t affordable for every family. Unfortunately, a higher price tag also doesn’t always mean a better quality item. With so many brands greenwashing their products with vague claims of being eco-friendly, we think it’s super important to be fully transparent. Here’s exactly why our play mats cost as much as they do:

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Safety Standards

If there’s one thing we prioritize above all else, it’s safety. All our materials are carefully sourced and certified non-toxic by global standards, like Oeko-Tex, GOTS, and GOLS. Our organic latex foam is made from 100% plant latex with the Dunlop method and is GOLS-certified. GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard, and is an organization that certifies and monitors organic latex producers through every step, from farming practices and the sourcing of materials to fair trade practices and social and environmental regulations. The standard is extremely stringent to guarantee the cleanest, safest latex that is both socially and environmentally responsible. 

Similarly, our organic cotton covers are GOTS-certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. Like the GOLS certification, the GOTS certification has incredibly strict environmental and social criteria to ensure organic status. 

Our vegan leather covers are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, meaning that every single component of the product, from the fabric to the thread and accessories (like the zipper) has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals. In other words, our mats aren’t just super safe for you and your baby, they’re also safe for the planet.

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Premium Quality

So many products in the baby space aren’t made to last because babyhood doesn’t last. Most families don’t use play mats beyond their baby’s first year either because the product isn’t designed to be used for anything other than tummy time or a softer place for babies to crawl. A Toki mat is so much more. Latex foam is an incredibly durable material, and provides a uniquely responsive surface that’s both soft and supportive. With 1” of latex foam and several different cover options to suit your family’s needs, a Toki mat can be everything from a tummy time mat to a crash mat for your toddler,  or just a place for your little one to lounge while playing, reading, or watching a movie. Because our mats are made to last, they grow with your family through every stage of childhood, from your first baby to your last.

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Social & Environmental Responsibility

We believe that everyone deserves to be paid a living wage, and that social responsibility makes the world a better place. While our products are GOLS-certified and GOTS-certified to ensure that they’re free of toxic chemicals that are harmful for your baby, these certifications are also in line with our values because they ensure social and environmental responsibility. Under these certification standards, workers are rightly paid a living wage and work under acceptable conditions with reasonable hours. Farm and factory workers are protected from exploitation, and there are also environmental guidelines for pollution and impact minimization to protect the planet. Although sustainable, globally certified products like a Toki mat cost more, you reduce chemical pollutants in your own home and in the environment when you choose them over cheaper, uncertified products. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Let's Talk About Our Prices

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