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How to Use Your Toki Play Cushion

May 15, 2023

In the blink of an eye, your little one has grown from a squalling newborn into a rambunctious child. Although you might have spent many long nights wishing your baby would hurry and grow up a little bit faster, now time is passing too quickly. You cheered them on as they took their first steps, and now you watch in helpless horror as they leap off ledges, ignoring your pleas to “be careful!” It can be terrifying to watch your child explore their world independently (and seemingly carelessly!) after you spent years trying to keep them from doing anything remotely dangerous, but the good news is that it’s a normal part of their development. Kids love to move their bodies, and while it’s important to let them do so, we also want them to do it safely. That’s why we took the idea behind our best-selling play mat and made it more suitable for older littles. Meet your child’s new best friend: the Toki play cushion.

If you’re already familiar with the Toki mat, our one-of-a-kind play mat made from natural latex foam, you’ll know just how effective it is at padding falls. Our latex foam comes from natural plant latex, which is then processed using the Dunlop method to produce a super springy, responsive material that’s the perfect combination of soft and supportive. While our regular play mats have a 1” latex foam core, our new play cushions are made with 2” of latex foam for superior cushioning. Wild ones can roll, tumble, jump, and explore uninhibited play with this extra thick, extra comfortable cushion—even on hardwood floor. Even better, these cushions can be used for just about anything you or your little one can think of. Here are some of the ways you can put your play cushion to good use:

Soft landing

Once children figure out how to walk, it’s not a long way before they’re learning to run. While you used to hold their hand on walks to keep them steady, now you’re chasing after them, screaming, “Be careful!” To an active toddler, everything is an invitation to jump. Couches, tables, steps, and ledges are merely part of an obstacle course, and while you might be wondering how to keep yourself from having a heart attack 24/7 as they attempt their latest trick the second your back is turned, you can at least give them a soft landing. Because our play cushion is so thick, and the latex foam is so durable and springy, it effectively pads falls for daring littles. 

child jumping onto a toki mats play cushion

Portable seating

A built-in handle makes this play cushion super portable for all your child’s needs. When your little one wants to play, their play cushion can sit in the playroom as a comfortable spot to build blocks, do puzzles, etc. On family movie nights, the cushion is easily transported into the living room, where it becomes a cozy spot for sitting with a bowl of popcorn, soft blankets, and throw pillows. Kids have a hard time sitting still, and having a spot on the floor gives them the freedom to fidget, change positions, or lay down without disturbing anyone else.

Quiet time

If your little one doesn’t already have a calming corner, you can implement one with their play cushion. Using a soft mat is a great way for them to reconnect with their senses and let go of any big emotions they may be feeling. Even if your child isn’t dealing with big emotions, they may still benefit from having a little quiet time every day to wind down in the evening or before a nap. Place the play cushion by their bookshelf to create a little reading nook where they can browse their picture books or play quietly when they’re feeling overstimulated.

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Imaginative play

Creating forts is a core memory for nearly every child. Equipped with an imaginative mind, your child can use chairs, blankets, their play couch, and/or play cubes to create a castle, ship, house, or whatever they dream up. The thick, comfortable play cushion creates a soft, cozy floor for all their creations. 

Bath time

Four words. No. More. Aching. Knees. Every parent who does bath time with their little one knows the aches and pains that come with kneeling on the cold tile. Bath mats offer very little in the way of cushioning, and even padded mats marketed towards this very issue don’t fully prevent those aching knees. With 2 whole inches of super thick, super soft latex foam, along with a waterproof cover, the play cushion is an ultra comfortable place for you to kneel throughout your child’s bath. Try it once, and you’ll find yourself stealing your little one’s play cushion every day, as they say, “Hey! That’s mine!”

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How to Use Your Toki Play Cushion

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