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How to Use Your Toki Bean Bag

September 18, 2023

If there’s one piece of furniture that kids and adults get equally excited over, it’s a bean bag. Soft and lightweight, a bean bag provides an ergonomic seat that is not only comfortable to lounge on, but inexplicably fun to sink into. Here at Toki, we’re all about creating the perfect space for little ones to play freely and safely. Our bean bags are filled with food-grade microbeads and lined in organic cotton with a bamboo jersey cover. Ultra soft for cloudlike comfort and lightweight enough for your little one to cart from room to room, these bean bags are a playroom must-have. One reason bean bags reign supreme over chairs? Sheer versatility. Here are all the ways you can use your Toki bean bag:


Of course, the main function of a bean bag is to, well, sit! Kids (and, if we’re being honest, adults too) often have a hard time sitting still, especially on traditional chairs. Children naturally like to move their bodies, and traditional chairs don’t offer much in the way of flexibility. As a result of wanting to constantly change positions in a rigid space, kids fidget. A lot. Bean bags are a great space for little ones to sit in the ways they want to. Because they easily and naturally conform to your child’s body, your little one can wiggle up, down, sideways, and in whatever way their body tells them to move.

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If you’ve ever had to sit on a hard surface for a long time, you’ll be familiar with that fidgety, can’t-get-comfortable feeling. It’s distracting and agitating. In contrast, the softness of a bean bag chair provides a feeling of comfort and security that’s soothing to children—especially those who are neurodivergent. Because sinking into a bean bag creates deep pressure stimulation, it’s a great piece of adaptive furniture to have in your child’s playroom or calming corner.

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The best part of bean bags is that they’re super malleable, conforming to the shape of your body in every position. When you utilize your bean bag in imaginary play with your child, the possibilities are truly limitless. It can be anything from a boat, to quicksand, to a beast that needs vanquishing. If you have more than one bean bag, you can stack them into a tower to be knocked down or lay them down as safe zones when the floor is lava!

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If your toddler is constantly throwing themselves across the room or jumping off elevated surfaces, you might find yourself shouting, “Be careful!” a thousand times a day. It might drive you insane, but it’s a very normal part of child development. Children love to move their bodies as a way of exploring their environment and releasing excess energy. Bean bags are great for kids who like to jump on things because they safely absorb the impact and also provide proprioceptive input to help little ones calm down. Place your Toki bean bag in your child’s playroom or wherever they love to be most active, so they have a safe space to flop, jump, and land when the urge to move kicks in.

kids sitting on toki mats bean bags


With the end of summer drawing near and cooler nights upon us, it’s the perfect time to spend evenings outside. Grab a white sheet and a projector for a backyard movie night, and set up your Toki bean bags as seating for your little ones. Although our bean bags have an organic cotton lining and a removable bamboo jersey cover for easy washing, they are not waterproof. To keep your bean bag from getting dirty when using it outdoors, you can place it on top of our picnic blanket or vegan leather mat. The only thing left to do? Pop the popcorn!

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How to Use Your Toki Bean Bag

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