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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Toddler

December 11, 2023

We know that shopping for kids isn’t always easy. If it were up to them, they’d own every single thing that lights up or makes noise, and the house would soon turn into a toy graveyard full of stuff that they played with once, then never touched again. While it’s nice to give in once in a while to bring a smile to your child’s face, we also know that a lot of play items out there just create waste and add to an ever-worsening environmental crisis. We’re big believers in products that are high-quality, safe for littles, and made to last. Toys should be more than just fun or cute—they should be open-ended to encourage creativity and they should grow with your little ones. We’ve come up with the ultimate gift guide for your toddler with thoughtful picks that are sure to make this holiday season the most magical yet.

1. Toki Mats Cloud Bean Bag

Toki Mats Cloud Bean Bag

Meet a new type of bean bag with this ultra soft seat made from silky, stretchy bamboo jersey and food-grade microbeads. Fully stuffed for support that never sags, this bean bag is perfect for laying, sitting, standing, jumping, and more. 

2. Quut Mini Ballo

Quut Mini Ballo

This spherical bucket is made from durable, recyclable, and BPA- plastic with an innovative design that prevents spilling. Whether your little one takes it to the park, the beach, or the backyard, this bucket makes carrying and emptying water so much fun!

3. Mudpuppy Rainforest 25-Piece Floor Puzzle

Mudpuppy Rainforest 25-Piece Floor Puzzle

Encourage independent learning and problem solving with this 25-piece puzzle in a colorful rainforest print. The pieces are oversized for small hands to grasp, made from 90% recycled paper, and printed with non-toxic, soy-based inks.

4. Baby Baby Books Garden Quiet Book

Baby Baby Books Garden Quiet Book

This quiet book is perfect for restaurants, car rides, or for quiet time when your little one is feeling overstimulated. Fun and interactive activities keep your child engaged, while strengthening fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development.

5. Tender Leaf Wooden Eggs

Tender Leaf Wooden Eggs

These wooden eggs come in an authentic cardboard carton, and also split apart to reveal a felt egg white and yolk inside. Designed for realistic pretend play, these eggs will delight your toddler as they “cook” you breakfast.

6. Minikane Chloe Baby Girl Doll

Minikane Chloe Baby Girl Doll

This beautiful doll is thoughtfully made from a soft, non-toxic, and eco-friendly vinyl that’s vanilla-scented. All Minikane hard-body dolls are made anatomically correct to help little ones understand their bodies as they grow and ask questions. 

7. Toki Mats Grey Mosaic Play Cushion

Toki Mats Grey Mosaic Play Cushion

Make playtime safer for active littles who always seem to be sprouting new bumps and bruises. This ultra thick play cushion is made from natural latex, and makes the perfect crash pad, floor seat, or lounging mat for toddlers.

8. Moon Picnic Make My Day Wooden House

Moon Picnic Make My Day Wooden House

Teach your little one how to tell time with this charming wooden house and accessories made from sustainably harvested beech wood. The wooden teddy bear can practice daily rituals like getting up, taking a bath, eating meals, and going to sleep, depending on the clock’s time.

9. Plan Toys Round Table

Plan Toys Round Table

Little ones will love using this multifunctional table that is sustainably made in Thailand using chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments, and water-based dyes. The table features a chalkboard surface for toddlers who love to draw, as well as a middle storage space that helps keep toys or art supplies organized.

10. Babai Toys Submarine Fishing Game

Babai Toys Submarine Fishing Game

Help your toddler learn counting and numbers with this fun fishing game made from wood and magnets. Compact for on-the-go use, this engaging activity also helps fine motor skills.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Toddler

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