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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Baby

December 4, 2023

The holidays are a brand new experience when you get to celebrate them with a baby. Sure, your littlest one won’t remember any of it, but you will, and it’s never too early to create that holiday magic that makes childhood memories so very special. The tricky part? Finding the perfect gifts that are engaging and can grow with your baby! We know there’s nothing worse than garish, cheaply made toys that make too much noise and are overstimulating. Those items tend to be costly to operate and wasteful when they end up as junk within a few months. Because we’re big fans of high-quality, thoughtfully-designed play items that are as functional as they are beautiful, here are ten gift ideas that will make your baby’s first holiday season one for the books.

1. Toki Mats Breeze Jersey Mega Mat

Toki Mats Breeze Jersey Mega Mat

This natural latex mat is the missing link between a happy baby and tummy time. If your little one hates being on their belly, this is a game-changer. Thick latex foam creates a comfortable, padded surface that’s super soft yet supportive. The foldable design makes it easy to carry from room to room or store neatly when not in use.

2. Lovevery the Organic Cotton Play Tunnel

Lovevery the Organic Cotton Play Tunnel

Although some babies skip the crawling stage, crawling builds important connections in the brain that benefit your baby long-term. This organic cotton play tunnel is a fun way to encourage babies to crawl, even if they’re already walking! Just because your little one can already get around on two feet doesn’t mean they don’t reap the benefits when they practice crawling later! 

3. GUND Tinkle Crinkle Jumbo Caterpillar

GUND Tinkle Crinkle Jumbo Caterpillar

This jumbo plushy is what stuffed animal dreams are made of. Each part of this giant caterpillar has a fun surprise for engaging tactile play. The head has a rattle, followed by a squeaker, then a crinkle, and so on. Bright colors and fabric with textures leave so much for your baby’s senses to explore.

4. Toki Mats Galaxy in Blue Play Couch

Toki Mats Galaxy in Blue Play Couch

Your little one will delight in this play couch that’s just their size. Made from soft, lightweight foam that folds into a couch or folds out into a lounger, this is the perfect addition for your child’s playroom. It makes a comfortable seat for reading, playing, lounging, and is light enough for your child to carry from room to room. 

5. Mushie Paint Palette Press Toy

Mushie Paint Palette Press Toy

Got a budding artist on your hands? This adorable press toy helps little ones with fine motor development, and looks super cute to boost. Made with 100% food-grade silicone that’s BPA, BPS, PVC, and Phthalate-free, this paint palette toy is small enough to keep in a diaper bag for on-the-go entertainment.

6. Odin Parker Natural Wooden Stacker

Odin Parker Natural Wooden Stacker

Help your baby learn to stack objects with this beautifully-crafted stacking toy made from FSC-certified wood, beeswax, and botanical oils. The soft, smooth surface of these rings is splinter-free, free of harmful chemicals, and safe for little hands and mouths.

7. Plan Toys Play Gym

Plan Toys Play Gym

This play gym features a sturdy A-frame design to prevent rocking and keep your child safe. Sustainably made in Thailand from chemical-free rubberwood trees, formaldehyde-free glues, organic pigments, and water-based dyes, this gym comes with detachable hanging toys to stimulate your baby’s curiosity from birth and encourage reaching, batting, and grasping.

8. Tikiri Havah the Bunny Organic Natural Rubber Teether

Tikiri Havah the Bunny Organic Natural Rubber Teether

Soothe sore, inflamed gums with this adorable bunny teether made from organic natural rubber. The easy-to-grip design helps your baby grasp it independently, while the soft rubber is made from GOLS-certified pure organic natural latex. The biodegradable, plastic-free material means it isn’t just good for your baby—it’s good for the planet, too.

9. Tender Leaf Baby Block Walker

Tender Leaf Baby Block Walker

Help your baby take their first steps with this baby walker made from high quality wood. Sturdy enough for even toddlers to lean on and equipped with 29 wooden blocks for extra play, this walker grows with your baby and helps develop their balance, strength, and creative play!

10. Kept Childhood, A History

Kept Childhood, A History

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Designed for parents to write down their child’s story in a meaningful way that isn’t overwhelming, this journal is filled with prompts spanning from birth until your little one is 18 years old. On their 18th birthday, you can give them this book with 18 years worth of memories that capture their growth and development.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Baby

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