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3 Unconventional Uses for Your Vegan Leather Mat

October 2, 2023

If there’s one thing you really learn to appreciate as a parent, it’s convenience. To say that babies and kids are a handful is a gross understatement, and anything that makes a parent’s life easier is a huge winner in our books. That’s why it’s no surprise that our vegan leather Toki mat is one of our best-selling products. Although all of our mats have fully removable covers, the vegan leather material is completely waterproof and wipes clean for super easy cleanup, making removal virtually unnecessary. And, unlike other waterproof materials that have a plastic-like feel, our vegan leather is as soft as real leather. It’s smooth, flexible, and so comfortable to lay on, it’s a favorite for babies, children, and adults alike. While we all know that the vegan leather mat is great for the beach, park, or wherever your family is headed, there are a few unconventional ways this mat can come in handy in your household.

1. A couch cover during tummy bugs

Ah, the dreaded stomach flu. If you have a little one in school or daycare, getting hit with norovirus isn’t a matter of if, but when. Inevitably, your child will bring it home, and the whole household will get hit hard and fast. The good news is that tummy bugs typically don’t last very long, but the bad news is that you’ll be doing your fair share of puke patrol for 12 to 48 hours. The last thing you’ll be wanting to do is wash your child’s bedding in the middle of the night only for it to get soiled again, so the best course of action is to camp out in the living room with some ice chips, Pedialyte, and a bucket. Although you might not get any rest when your little one has norovirus, it’s important that your child does. Sleep empties the stomach and helps your little one feel better faster. To protect your couch and make things more comfortable for your child, fold your vegan leather Toki mat in half and lay it on the couch. The thick latex foam is super cushy to lay on, and the waterproof cover makes cleanup much easier if your kiddo misses the bucket at some point in the night. Just be sure to thoroughly sanitize your mat afterward!

a folded vegan leather toki mat

2. A floor mattress for sleepovers

If you’re housing pint-sized guests overnight, you’ll need a place for them to sleep. Whether your little one is having a birthday sleepover with friends, or you’ve got little nieces and nephews visiting, a Toki mat makes a remarkably comfortable makeshift bed. Simply fold the mat in half to create a thicker, softer surface, add a pillow and a blanket, and you’ve got a floor mattress that has the added bonus of being waterproof in case of any nighttime accidents. Although a standard size mat will easily fit a younger child, a mega size mat is 55” in length and is perfect for older children.

two kids laying on a vegan leather toki mat

3. Camping out while sleep training

There’s a good chance that whoever coined the phrase “sleep like a baby” wasn’t a parent because every parent knows that baby sleep consists of multiple night wakings, a lot of crying, and a lot of shushes and pats from Mom or Dad to fall back asleep. The first year is notoriously hard on parents, who may or may not choose to sleep train their baby in an effort to help break the cycle of sleepless nights. Those who do choose to sleep train may spend a lot of time “camping out” next to their baby’s crib to help them get used to settling themselves back to sleep, and a Toki mat makes the whole process just a little bit easier. Rather than dragging a mattress into your baby’s nursery, use the Toki mat that’s already in the room (hopefully the mega size), fold it in half, and get comfy. You might be physically and mentally exhausted, but at least you’ll be comfortable!

children laying on vegan leather toki mats

3 Unconventional Uses for Your Vegan Leather Mat

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