Frequently Asked Questions

What are your play mats made of?

Our play mats consist of one fabric cover with two side zip openings, and two natural latex foam inserts. The waterproof covers are optional, and come as a set of two zippered covers. The outer cover is 100% cotton fabric. The inner foam is 1” of 100% natural dunlop latex foam. The waterproof covers are 100% bamboo jersey fabric.

What is latex foam?

The latex foam is 100% natural, non-toxic, untreated with flame retardants, anti-bacterial, self-ventilating, biodegradable, and non-allergenic. Latex foam is certified all natural foam rubber that is manufactured using sap from the rubber tree. To read more about latex foam, head over here.

Can I receive a sample?

Absolutely. We want to make sure you appreciate the quality of the foam, and that your kids love it too! You can get a free sample here, shipping costs not included.

What is on the underside of the mat?

The bottom of the fabric cover is similar to the top and is made from 100% cotton fabric. Unlike the top, the bottom has a fold down the middle where the two foam pieces meet.

What’s the best way to store my mat?

Because Toki mats have two foam inserts, they are made to easily fold in half for storage. We recommend folding once to lay flat and store to avoid wrinkles, but you can also fold again and/or roll the foam.

Can I sleep on my mat?

Even though the foam is breathable, it is not treated with flame retardants, and therefore not suitable for sleep.

Is the cover machine washable?

Yes, the fabric cover is 100% cotton and machine washable. The fabric is not pre-shrunk, and should not be washed or dried in heat to avoid shrinkage. Please follow care instructions for proper maintenance.

How soon will my order ship?

We ship orders twice a week out of San Francisco, California. If you need an item faster, please contact us at with a special request and we will do our best to accommodate the expedited shipping time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally upon request. Please be aware that certain countries charge additional duties in addition to shipping costs. Please contact us at for all international shipping requests.

How do I clean my mat?

Mat cover: The fabric covers are washable! To wash, unzip and remove the foam insert. Machine wash cold with mild detergent using a gentle cycle. Hang-dry or tumble dry; USE NO HEAT. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach.

Foam insert: The latex foam is not water resistant. Please do not attempt to wash it. We offer waterproof covers to help preserve them. In the case that you need a foam replacement, please check our product listings.

Are your play mats water/liquid resistant?

The outer fabric cover and foam insert are not water resistant, however our bamboo waterproof covers are both water resistant and waterproof. Please use these covers to ensure the longevity of your mat.

Is there a way to get the wrinkles out?

Just like your cotton clothes, you can iron the wrinkles, steam iron, or play them out. The cotton gets softer with less wrinkles with each play.

Is there anything I shouldn't use on my mat?

Because the outer covers are not water resistant, they are also not mess resistant. Please refrain from eating or having art projects on the mats. These are intended for non-messy play!

Are your play mats non-toxic?

Yes, we made sure to only use child-friendly and safe materials in our manufacturing.

Classic mat: the fabric covers are 100% cotton and chemical free. The latex foam is 100% natural, non-toxic, untreated with flame retardants, anti-bacterial, self-ventilating, biodegradable, and non-allergenic.

Organic mat: the fabric covers are 100% organic cotton. The latex foam is OEKO-TEX certified 100% organic, natural, non-toxic, untreated with flame retardants, anti-bacterial, self-ventilating, biodegradable, and non-allergenic.

Waterproof cover: the bamboo waterproof covers are OEKO-TEX certified non-toxic.

Are the mats safe for my children to sleep on?

This product is not intended for sleep. Even though they are 100% breathable and self-ventilating, they have not been treated with flame retardants to keep the high quality. You should not leave your child alone sleeping on the mats.

Are you coming out with new colors and patterns?

Yes! We are currently working on our next line of designs. You can sign up for our newsletter (below) to be the first to hear updates. As always, if you have any feedback or requests for designs you’d like to see, contact us at

What surfaces can I place the play mat on?

Our play mats were designed to turn any surface into a padded play area! They are easily portable and can adapt to any space. On carpet, they give you extra padding and stay perfectly in place. On wood floors, they add a much needed soft play space, but can be a bit more slippery with rough play.

Do I need a rug pad under the mat?

The bottom of the mats are 100% cotton fabric, so they won’t remain 100% in place on slippery surfaces like wood. However, I personally don’t use them with a rug pad and readjust the placement when necessary. On surfaces like carpet, a rug pad is not needed.

Do I have the option of an exchange instead of a return?

We are currently unable to process exchanges. If you would like to exchange a product, please return the original item(s) for a refund and place a new order.

What if I receive a damaged item?

Please contact us immediately as all damages must be reported within 48 hours upon receiving your order, and we will do our best to help you!

How can I contact you?

You can always reach us by emailing We look forward to hearing from you!