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Our story

Eli came up with the idea for Toki Mats while on maternity leave with her second baby, Shaya. Sitting in her living room on her couch, looking out at all of the small-shop baby decorations and toys she collected while pregnant, she realized there was no place to get down on the floor and safely play with her newborn and toddler. At least, she didn’t have one that was both comfortable and modern.

She spent the next year designing and building Toki Mats. Through naptime in those first few months of maternity leave, then late nights after going back to work, she did tons of research to make sure she had access to the best materials, designs, and partners. While Eli has a packed schedule with her family and full time job, seeing other families play together on Toki Mats is worth the hustle.

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Natural foam inserts pad your babe's falls and lift them up.

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All materials are certified non-toxic and chemical free.

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Being on-the-go just got a bit easier with our travel cases.

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Spills? No problem. The covers zip off easily for the wash.

Why you'll fall in love

Catch you when you fall.

Our unique foam is the perfect blend of squish and firmness, to pad your babe's falls and lift them up as they develop critical skills.

Be supported on the go.

Our mats easily fold into the travel case to take anywhere - from a coffee date, to grandparents' house, to picnics in the park.

Spills? No problem.
The covers easily zip off to wash and put right back on again - like new! Plus you can switch out designs for fun.

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