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Toki Mats Holiday Gift Guide

December 9, 2021

I have to say, it’s honestly hard to believe that we’re so close to Christmas! This year has definitely had its ups and downs, but here at Toki Mats, we’re thinking of how to unwind and bring in a little cheer this holiday season! 

As a follow up to our last blog post on
stocking stuffers for baby, we wanted to put together a gift guide as we get closer to Christmas. Last-minute shopping is often stressful, especially when you’re hunting for that perfect present, but hopefully, this post will give you some inspo!

1. Toki Mats Rainbow Watercolor Padded Play Mat 

Lovingly made with natural materials, Toki Play Mats make a wonderful present that babies and little ones can enjoy for a long time. Their play mats are cushier than carpeting but easier to clean for the perfectly padded landing pad for floor play and developmental milestones like tummy time. The all-natural foam ischemical-freee, and made from rubber tree sap. The playmats are springy yet breathable, giving parents worry-free support for little ones as they grow and play.

There’s a range of designs available for play mats if you’re searching for a
holiday gift for baby that’s both beautiful and practical. Toki play mats are available in both whimsical and minimal designs and feature soft color palettes and soothing tones to make it easy for babies to enjoy. 

Standard full mat water color rainbowBaby Lying on toki Mats

2. Dabble and Dollop Christmas Gift Box

When you’re not sure what kind of holiday present to purchase, something like a Christmas gift basket or gift box is a great solution. There are a variety of products included so there’s sure to be something for everyone, and they look so cute! One of our favorites for Christmas gift boxes has to be the Dabble and Dollop Christmas Gift Box. 

Christmas BoxX-Mas two girls holding Photo: Dabble and Dollop 

 The gift box features a range of products all in Red, White, and Green (of course), to make it feel as festive as possible! Products included are Dabble and Dollop’s  3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath & body wash ready to be gifted in a Dabble & Dollop Deco box with mixing bowl. Plus, you can mix and match products like gels and whips to create unique scents and texture combos to make it a truly customizable present.

All products in the Dabble and Dollop Christmas Gift Box are made with sustainable USA-sourced plant-based ingredients. Plus, the products are Certified Tear-Free, Dermatologist-tested ultra-mild, vegan, and arrive in USA-made Post-Consumer Recycled soft-touch bottles.

3. HOYO The Kit - Limited Edition Believe

We’re super excited for this one! Christmas kits are the perfect way to get crafty, help little ones develop their tactile skills, while also having fun! Hoyo’s limited edition Believe kit has everything you need for making playtime fun and festive! 

Kit ImageThe Kit Items Photo: HOYO

Each kit comes with 8 oz of homemade, non-toxic play dough in their Evergreen shade. The kit also comes with a wooden tree, Christmas lights, loose accessories including beads and buttons for crafty fun and a mini Santa hat and star topper to match the holiday season. 

The kit also comes with thoughtful touches, such as a reusable storage pouch for the beads and buttons. The Limited Edition Believe kit is a versatile, fun holiday present for little ones, and you can add the finished product to your Christmas decor to add to the celebration. 

4. Printable Artwork from Brandy Renee

Printable artwork is a thoughtful and easy holiday present that adds beauty and color to a home. We love Brandy Renee’s gorgeous aesthetic featuring minimal designs, line work, and personalized portraits this holiday season. It’s a wonderful gift for your little one to cherish as they grow older or as a gift for loved ones. 

The bonus with printable artwork is that you don’t need to worry about shipping times or costs since you can print the artwork on your own. You’ll get more control over size and style that way, and it’s a quicker gift that is still incredibly thoughtful. It’s hard to choose which pieces we like the most, but artwork like the
personalized portrait digital prints and Baby Feet  are simply stunning.

PaintingPainting and Vase

5. Bink Mama Bottle

This holiday season, the gift of hydration might be the best one. Bink’s Mama Bottle is sleek, well-designed, and made specifically to support pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s incredibly important to reach daily recommended water needs during this point in the journey, which is why Bink Mama Bottles are such a practical yet beautiful holiday gift. 


The Mama Bottle shows the recommended amount of water as well as a simple, timed guide to help reach that goal. This helps with making self-care a priority (which isn’t always easy during this time) and ensuring that water recommendations are met. Hydration tracking is available for both day and night as needed, and bottles are made from glass and silicone to make the bottles easy to use.

Of course, by no means is this an exhaustive list, but hopefully, you’ve found some amazing businesses to support through this gift guide. As always, we want to hear from you about what you’re buying for this year’s presents! With so many great businesses making eco-friendly and gorgeous options for babies and toddlers that it’s getting harder to choose. 

Toki Mats offers a wide range of play mats, nursing pillow covers, and accessories that make for great holiday gifts. Make sure to join our Facebook group for exclusive VIP content and discounts. To learn more about Toki Mats, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

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