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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dog

November 7, 2022

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start making your gift list for all the ones you love—both people and animals alike. We all know that a dog is so much more than just a pet. With a heart of gold, unbridled joy that’s oh-so contagious, and the face of an angel, your canine companion is an integral part of the family. Many of us would rather spend an evening cuddled up with our dog on the couch than going out with friends, and that’s because there’s nothing quite like the unconditional love and comfort that they bring into our life. Since there’s no such thing as spoiling your furry best friend too much, the holidays are the perfect time to shower them with all the treats and presents for being the goodest pup in the world. Here’s the ultimate holiday gift guide for the one who truly deserves the best:

1. Toki Mats Dog Bed

dalmation laying on a toki mats dog bed

At long last, a dog bed that your dog will prefer to your bed! Made from high-quality latex foam, our dog bed is soft, supportive, and ridiculously comfortable. We know that your fur baby is exactly that: your baby. That’s why we make our latex foam from all-natural plant latex without toxic chemicals. It’s the same material that we use for our baby play mats, so you know it’s 100% safe. The springy, responsive nature of latex foam makes this bed especially perfect for senior dogs, who need the extra support for their aging joints. The best part of all? A waterproof cover that’s scratch-resistant, drool-proof, and easy to wipe clean.

2. FRISCO Holiday 8 Days of Hanukkah Calendar

FRISCO Holiday 8 Days of Hanukkah Calendar

Advent calendars are one of the small things that make the holidays so special, and now you can get a Hanukkah one to celebrate those 8 days with your pup. With 8 different Hanukkah-themed toys for each day of celebration, this festive calendar is perfect for small and medium breeds. Your dog will be beside himself with excitement as you open up each little door to reveal a dreidel toy, a menorah toy, and 6 other adorable squeakers.

3. BarkBox Subscription

barkbox subscription service for dogs

Subscription boxes make every month feel like a holiday. We all love the feeling of getting a package, and now your dog can also join in your excitement on delivery day. BarkBox is a subscription service of toys and treats that is specifically designed for pups. You can customize your dog’s next box based on what they liked in the last one, and it’s a guarantee that you’ll never run out of treats for your favorite furry friend.

4. Fable The Game Feeder

 Fable The Game Feeder

Whoever said, “Don’t play with your food” didn’t know how beneficial it can be! If your dog suffers from anxiety, boredom, and/or a habit of eating too quickly, they need The Game. Designed to mimic the experience of hunting prey, this feeder features a weighted base that creates irregular balance and activates your dog’s prey drive. With multiple complexity settings and space for 1.5 cups of food, this feeder toy can entertain your pup for half an hour for a paced, mentally and physically stimulating meal.

5. Fabdog Rotisserie Chicken Super-Squeaker Toy

Fabdog Rotisserie Chicken Super-Squeaker Toy

The next time you pick up hot rotisserie chicken from the store and your dog is eyeing it longingly, just toss him this toy version. Okay, okay, maybe it’s not as satisfying for your dog as an actual rotisserie chicken dripping with grease, but it’s an adorable addition to your dog’s toy collection. A built-in squeaker creates endless fun for your pup, who’s bound to be head over heels for this gourmet present.

6. Campfire Chicken Feet for Dogs

Campfire Chicken Feet for Dogs

Chicken feet are a super healthy snack for your canine companion, and this crunchy, dehydrated version is perfect for all dogs. Smaller dogs can gnaw on them, while larger dogs can eat them as a crunchy snack. These chicken feet are rich in protein, high in chondroitin and glucosamine for joint health and mobility, and great for dental health as your dog gnaws away. Made of USDA certified chicken sourced from local family farms, this single-ingredient treat is a healthy and high-quality option for your pup.

7. Mark & Graham Knit Dog Sweater

Mark & Graham Knit Dog Sweater

What’s cuter than a dog in a sweater? A dog in a personalized sweater, of course! Keep your pup cozy and warm this winter with a soft knit sweater in a Christmas-themed design. An embroidered monogram looks super sophisticated and adorable. With sizes for small, medium, and large dogs, this sweater is perfect for keeping all dogs warm on their wintertime walks. 

8. Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Similarly to how swaddling calms crying infants, the Thundershirt can calm your pup with gentle, constant pressure around your dog’s torso. This calming wrap is helpful for anxious dogs by reducing their elevated heart rate and soothing them in stressful situations. Although most commonly used during thunderstorms or fireworks, the Thundershirt works well for travel anxiety, separation anxiety, vet visits, new pets or people in the home, moving, and so much more.

9. Frisco Elevated Double Dog Bowl

Frisco Elevated Double Dog Bowl

If you have a senior dog, having elevated food and water bowls can make a marked difference in their comfort while eating and drinking. Older dogs usually have arthritis and joint pain, which makes constantly bending over painful and uncomfortable. Even without arthritic pain, many dogs can benefit from having elevated dog bowls over ones that sit on the floor. The elevation improves their posture, helps food move down their esophagus easier (which is crucial for certain medical conditions), slows down fast eaters, and helps with swallowing. This Frisco Elevated Double Dog Bowl has a chic marble print that looks nice in any home, and contains two stainless-steel bowls that are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

10. PetCube Bites 2 Wifi Pet Camera

PetCube Bites 2 Wifi Pet Camera

Although you might balk at the price tag of this WiFi camera, this might be the ultimate gift for both you and your dog. Watch your dog in HD with an ultra-wide angle view, and talk to them with high quality 2-way audio. This camera’s treat-dispensing feature is the most impressive one of all, allowing you or others with access to toss a treat remotely to your pup. Real time notifications alert you when you need to check in, so you can stop worrying when you have to leave your dog alone throughout the day.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dog

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