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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Baby

November 14, 2022

One of the greatest blessings that comes with a new baby is the joy of experiencing all their “firsts.” The first time they say “mama,” the first time they crawl, the first time they try food, and the first time they walk are all super special memories that you’ll think of for the rest of your life. But, there’s something extra magical about the holiday season, and if this year is your little one's first, you’ll likely pull out all the stops to make it one for the books. Even if your baby won’t remember it, you will, so no one will blame you for already preparing matching holiday outfits, printing holiday cards, thinking of the new traditions you’re going to start, and going a little overboard with gifts. While we know the joys of showering your kids with presents, the last thing you want is to end up with a bunch of stuff that just takes up space in your house. So, we put together the ultimate holiday gift guide with things that your baby (and you) will actually use and love.

1. Toki Mat Everywhere Mat

toddlers playing on a toki mats play mat

The Everywhere Mat is aptly named because it can, quite literally, be used everywhere. Made from natural latex foam, this play mat is thick, soft, and supportive, with a waterproof cover that wipes clean. The play mat’s modular build and carry handles mean you can fold it into quarters and carry it from place to place. Whether you use it inside for tummy time or outside for messy play, the Everywhere Mat can be taken from the floor to the grass to the beach.

2. Pretty Please Reed Teether

Pretty Please Reed Teether

Although babies manage to mouth everything they can get their hands on, you always want to make sure that whatever is in your baby’s mouth is safe and non-toxic. The Reed Teething Ring isn’t just super modern and stylish, but it’s also made from natural beechwood and food-grade silicone. Because it’s free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, and cadmium, you can rest easy knowing that this teething toy is super safe for your little one, and fall in love with its chic design and modern colors.

3. Esembly Cloth Diapering Try-It Kit

Esembly Cloth Diapering Try-It Kit

Curious about cloth diapering, but not sure where to start? Esembly makes it easy with this try-it kit that allows parents to test drive the cloth diaper journey without making a commitment. This bundle includes three soft, organic cotton Inners for absorbency, one waterproof Outer for containment, one waterproof drawstring pouch for storing dirty diapers until laundry day, one bag of washing powder for laundering, and samples of their Everyday Balm and Rash Relief Cream. 

4. Sassy Look & Learn Baby Box Set

Sassy Look & Learn Baby Box Set

Designed for younger babies, this Look & Learn box includes various toys that help your little one with developmental play. The baby-safe mirror is perfect for strengthening developing vision, and entertains your little one during tummy time. You can insert family photos or high-contrast cards inside the photo book to create an engaging toy, while the Hello Baby Phone rattle strengthens auditory skills and the grasping reflex. A sensory pillow in a bold, high-contrast bullseye pattern completes the set. 

5. Lily & River Little Climber

Lily & River Little Climber

A Pikler triangle is a climbing frame for small children that grows as they do, and allows them to use their imagination to learn new skills and boundaries. You can think of it as a mini jungle gym that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Lily & River’s Little Climber is designed for children 6 months old and up, and benefits their creativity, gross motor skills, balance control, muscle growth, and early development stages. As natural climbers, children can use this Pikler triangle to discover their own abilities independently and at their own pace!

6. Everwood Friends My First Block Set

Everwood Friends My First Block Set

Made from hard maple, this block set is perfectly smooth with rounded surfaces for safety. The high-quality wood is a safe, environmentally-friendly material, and great for your little one’s creative development. This block set features 26 pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is a toy that will grow with your baby and last for years on end.

7. Jellycat Farm Tails Book

Jellycat Farm Tails Book

This adorable soft book features farmyard friends and a tail for each animal that your baby can touch and play with. It’s never too early to start reading to your little one, and this interactive book is engaging and provides a sensory experience that will help your baby make brain connections and learn all about animals.

8. ezpz First Foods Set

ezpz First Foods Set

When your baby is between 4 to 6 months old, they’ll begin to eat solids. Although introducing first foods can be a fun experience, it can also be (very) messy and stressful! This First Foods set helps minimize some of that mess and stress with a suctioned mat that prevents little ones from flipping their bowl, a Tiny Cup that helps babies learn how to drink from an open cup, and Tiny Spoons that encourage self-feeding. 

9. Look! Look! High Contrast Board Book

Look! Look! High Contrast Board Book

Since your baby’s color vision isn’t fully developed until they’re about 5 months old, they are best able to see black, white, and grey tones for their first few months of life. High contrast colors, like black and white, make it easier for your baby to focus on and interpret images. This high contrast book is full of large, captivating images that send strong visual signals to your baby’s brain, leading to more brain growth and faster visual development.

10. HEVEA Kawan Mini Rubber Duck

 HEVEA Kawan Mini Rubber Duck

A rubber duck is a classic toy for all children, but this one by HEVEA stands out because of its design and material. Handcrafted from pure natural rubber, this is a safer, more eco-friendly option than plastic. Because this rubber duck doesn’t have a ventilation hole, your little one can play with it during bathtime, gnaw it when they’re teething, and play with it as they like without you having to worry about trapped moisture causing mold or grime.

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Baby

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