Rainbow-themed baby nursery tips + ideas

Rainbow-themed baby nursery tips + ideas

June 20, 2021

We all love a rainbow-themed nursery, right? If you’re looking for gender-neutral nursery ideas, skip the all-grey-everything – a rainbow theme is the perfect way to keep things happy and bright!

However, it’s really easy to overdo it on the rainbow aesthetic, or to let things get a bit too loud. So if you want to create the perfect rainbow nursery or playroom, here are a few tips:

1) Choose 1 or 2 light neutrals

When you’re choosing your neutrals, think light and airy. You may be tempted to add contrast with dark or bold colors, but a rainbow theme looks best against a light or even white backdrop.

2) Go for either muted or monochromatic rainbows

A rainbow doesn’t have to be old-school ROY G BIV. You could do a rainbow of various shades of one color, or one that’s got a few more muted colors, or even a fully neutral one! Any of these options will look more sophisticated than a bright rainbow.

3) Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Not all of your rainbow decor needs to match! If in doubt, use the classic pattern mixing advice: a large print, a small print, and a monochrome print, all with complementary colors.

4) Don’t put rainbows on everything

As many cute rainbow pieces as there are (and we’ll show you more in a minute!), maybe don’t put them on absolutely everything. Instead, choose 2-5 focal items to use rainbows on – we recommend something in the crib or bed, something on the walls, a toy that doubles as decor, and of course your play mat!

Some of our favorite rainbow nursery accessories

If you’re searching for the perfect rainbow playroom or nursery accessories, look no further! Here’s a roundup of adorable choices from our favorite shops:

Our rainbow watercolor play mat covers
Of course we had to start with our own goods – the rainbow watercolor Toki Mats are so cute! The colors are perfectly muted so you can mix and match with other rainbow goodies easily and stylishly.
Matching rainbow nursing pillow cover
We love a good matching moment, especially between the play mats and nursing pillows – it’s like the perfect co-ord! These are especially great for sitting practice and tummy time.
MoonWomb™ rainbow maternal pillow
Speaking of comfy pillows, this therapeutic maternal pillow from The Sustainable Baby Co is gorgeous! Plus, how cute would this look with our rust-colored rainbow stamp mats?!
Extra soft muslin crib sheet in rainbow
Another perfect match for our rainbow stamp mat cover in rust, this super-soft, super-cute crib sheet from Toki fav shop Mushie is another perfect addition to your rainbow-themed nursery.
Rainbow teether in shifting sand
The perfect neutral-colored rainbow accessory – this gorgeous teether, also from Mushie! We love their non-toxic baby goods so much.
Rainbow & rays teether
Another super-cute teether, this one from Pretty Please Teethers – and this one comes with a hole perfect for attaching it to the toy loops on your Toki Mat!
I’m a sucker for a tasteful bit of macrame, and this mobile is gorgeous! Handmade in the US, this is an excellent Etsy find for your rainbow-themed nursery.
Rainbow wall print
Another great Etsy find, this print is one of a few in this shop that would be perfect for a tasteful rainbow nursery or playroom! Plus, there are lots of cute ones from other themes as well… 

Pink rainbow muslin
We all know the value of having a million and one muslins, am I right?? So if you’re looking to tie your muslin collection into your rainbow theme, this Etsy snag is a great choice!
Rainbow abacus toy
Whether you’re a fan of an abacus toy or not, you have to admit it looks lovely as a rainbow! Plus, apparently Scandibørn is one of Meghan Markle’s favs, so why not us?

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