Minimalist Baby: more than just an aesthetic

Minimalist Baby: more than just an aesthetic

February 16, 2021

If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is flooded with perfectly filtered shots of minimalist nurseries and playrooms. 

And we all have the same thought… 

“My house has NEVER looked like that!”

And we all know there’s a pile of toys and books and clothing on the other side of the shot. 😅

But we follow these accounts for more than just the love/hate relationship with how pristine they look. We follow them because that minimalist baby aesthetic is just so darn appealing.

There’s something to be said for the way minimalist decor contrasts the chaos of parenthood – the clean lines and color blocking where our lives are full of mess. But minimalism is about so much more than the way things look. 

Minimalism, at its core, is about care. 

It’s more than Marie Kondo and monochromatic decor – it’s about choosing higher quality items that will last longer, and repurposing and repairing them instead of discarding them in favor of a newer edition. It’s about intentionality and guardianship and love.

And what could be a better analogy for parenthood?

You love your kids with everything in you – when they make a mistake or develop bad behaviors, you don’t give up. You care for them.

Minimalism teaches us the value of choosing and caring for what you have and being intentional about creating something that you love. And the happy side effect is a nice aesthetic 💁‍♀️

Minimalism isn’t a trend. If anything, it’s anti-trend. 

So if you’re looking for how to get that minimalist baby look for your Instagram feed, think about what it means as you shop for those items. Choose ones that will last long enough to serve your family well. Choose ones that are exactly what you’re looking for. And choose brands that support that spirit of guardianship in their approaches to sustainability and ethics.

I like to think Toki Mats is the best of both worlds – the minimalist baby style PLUS the true minimalist ethos behind it 😉

Our mats are designed to last – I’ve used mine with all of my children, in different homes and different settings, and I plan to for years to come! The covers are easy to clean and care for, and even to swap around if you’re craving a change. And most importantly, the brand has been built around the values of accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability.

Here are some of my favorite minimalist baby mat must-haves from our range:

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