5 Holiday Tradition Ideas

5 Holiday Tradition Ideas

December 7, 2020

Are you feeling the tug to start some new holiday traditions with your young family? It’s one of those things no one prepared you for; you’re the adult now, and you get to decide on what traditions to continue and what to leave behind. Your partner may have traditions they want to keep, and you have a few that you cherish from childhood. 

Before we get to a list of fun traditions you can try with your family, a word of advice. Let go of any expectation that isn’t serving you anymore. Hate decorating sugar cookies? Don’t. Do the smells of Christmas trees make you happy? Go ahead and grab a candle or three. The point is, just because your parents did it doesn’t mean you do if it’s something that leaves you feeling stressed and anxious.

Take a moment to ask your partner and children what they love about the holiday. What do they remember from last year? What do they want to do again? If you have babies and toddlers, it’s easier because the parents get to decide. Once you have written down your favorites, see if you feel the need to add something new to that list.

Here are a few we’ve seen from friends and Pinterest that we loved!

Go for a Christmas and Hanukkah Lights drive

This is a perfect tradition to try this year as many traditional activities have been canceled. Add to the fun by bringing hot chocolate in mugs or sweets for the little ones to enjoy as you go searching for the best lights in town. Christmas Light Finder has done a lot of the work for you! 

Gift wrap a book to read each night

You can make this work for the 12 days of Christmas or the 8 days of Hanukkah. The best part of this tradition is it can be free! Just grab books from your local library, wrap, read, and return! You can also wrap the holiday books you already have. No pressure to buy brand new books each year (although adding a few favorites to your collection each year is always a special treat.)

Make a holiday playlist

There seems to be no end to holiday songs right now, and there’s something so magical about being able to sing every verse! Give those same memories to your children by having your holiday playlist on all month long. Turn it up, sing, and dance your way to what’s sure to be a favorite family tradition. 

Donate to a charity

The magic of the season often comes from giving, not receiving. Many local organizations have programs where you can donate toys or items for families in need. Head to your local grocery store or look online for organizations that are looking for donations. Some to search for include: Salvation Army Angel Tree or Toys for Tots. If they’re old enough, have your kids help pick out the gifts. 

Enjoy a North Pole Breakfast

How fun is this? A breakfast fit for the North Pole. You can take this idea, and run with it or use it as inspiration and create a unique breakfast full of what makes you think of the North Pole. 


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