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Meet the Artist: Jenna Rainey

July 24, 2023

Here at Toki Mats, one of the most exciting parts of the business is collaborating with incredibly talented artists. Although families all over the world fall in love with the comfort and functionality of our natural latex foam, the beautiful printed designs are what draw the eye and make Toki Mats really fit into the home. One of our most beloved prints is Lunar Phases, a dreamy print depicting phases of the moon in light and dark pastel watercolor. Lunar Phases is designed by Jenna Rainey, a watercolor artist from Southern California who quit her corporate job over a decade ago to pursue her creative passions. Today, she is an artist, a designer, a published author, a creative entrepreneur, and a mom who is making the world a more colorful place with her joyful designs. Our very own founder, Eli Yonas, sat down with Jenna to talk about her creative process and how she built her business with no formal art or business training.

toki mats designer jenna rainey with her son and husband

Q: As someone who worked in Finance and Tech, I know the feeling of having that "creative itch” and I love how you pursued yours. Can you share your story of how you made the jump from a desk job to a creative entrepreneur?

JR: I'm a VERY spontaneous person, so there was not much thought into quitting my day job and starting my business. There probably should've been because the first couple of years were incredibly tough, financially. Because I hated my desk job SO much, I only worked there for four months and looked for any opportunity to get out. When I had one of my first clients book me, I decided to give it all my time and energy. So I did!

Q: Where do you find your inspiration for your artwork?

JR: I base all of my inspiration on color. That could be a photograph of a vintage, mint green car against a clay-colored wall, or a tile pattern in a cafe in Paris. I love to travel and snap photos of architecture and color palettes that I see randomly occurring when I'm out and about! 

Q: You probably consider becoming a mom to your adorable Myles as another big turning point for you. How has being a working mom impacted your business?

JR: Huge turning point! Becoming a mom has taught me a lot about time and what I do with it. What did I do with all of my time before having a kid?! Thankfully, I have help since my husband works with me, and my mom comes up a couple of times a week to watch him. Motherhood has made me a much more efficient worker. I'm now able to get things done in a two-hour nap window, when it would usually take me a couple of days. When you know you don't have extra time to dilly dally, you can crank it out!

Q: Do you have any tips or learnings you'd like to share for anyone (especially moms) looking to pursue their creative passion?

JR: Do it. Painting and creativity access parts of your brain that are similar to meditation. It's an amazing way to give back to yourself and access inner peace. After becoming a mom, I know it's hard to feel like yourself, and it's almost like you feel like you've lost your identity; pursuing your creative passions is getting that back!

a baby and two toddlers playing on toki mats lunar phases mat

Jenna’s Fun Facts

1. Favorite IG account(s) to follow:

@drinkingwithchickens, @apartmenttherapy, @sarahshermansamuel, @shutthekaleup, @emily_jeffords 

Baby must-have (aside from Toki, of course):

Water wipes in the car and a good blackout curtain 

The most surprising thing about becoming a mom: 

All of it! Breastfeeding was a LOT harder than I was expecting!

Top self-care ritual: 

Epsom salt bath with lavender

Best advice you've been given: 

Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, brave enough to ask for it.

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    Meet the Artist: Jenna Rainey

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