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Creating Content & Living Life With Toki Mats by Sy'Vone Murphy

June 20, 2022

Oh good, the cute babies stopped you! Now that I've caught your attention, lets talk about the best play mat and the greatest work experience I've ever had.  If you are a new mom buying literally 'ALL OF THE THINGS' for that beautiful new baby, imma need you to clear those carts and head over to Toki and buy the only play/activity/sleep/tummy time/etc. mat that your sweet babe will ever need. If you are a veteran, yup the woman covered in yogurt and boogers I'm talking to you, then you should already know that you need a Toki Mat in your life.

I was fortunate enough to find Toki Mats through Instagram a couple years ago. I was instantly attracted to the fact that there was a kids play mat that was stylish, organic and also extremely convenient. At the time Eli, CEO and Founder of Toki, only had the cotton foam standard mats, but even then she had insanely stylish and minimal prints that could compliment any home. 

Toki dropped more prints, styles and sizes  over the next year and began to expand her brand. As a result I was able to connect with Eli and join her creative team which eventually led me to this amazing shoot! This was my very first shoot and I couldn't have been more excited, scared, emotional than in that moment, shooting, and connecting with the amazing people around me. I had never felt more passionate about my craft than in these moments, creating, styling, planning, casting and shooting the most amazing product with the cutest models.

Toki Mats didn't just change the way I viewed Branding/Marketing photography, Toki has helped shape and mold my relationship with my children. I know it may seem shallow but when I first became a mom I wanted to stick to an aesthetic that would bring me joy all while allowing my kids to have fun. I knew that I wanted my life to be centered around my kids but I also wanted to keep a few things in my.home true to me. Toki has given me a safe space in my home to be the mom that rolls on the floor with her kids, the mom who can tickle and tackle her kids until they are giggling uncontrollably and not once do I have to think about them getting hurt. On nice days when the sun is out, the kids and I can travel to the park or the beach and enjoy our surroundings on our Vegan leather Everywhere Mat, and we don't have to worry about the mess because it is literally so easy to wipe down. Even the cotton foam mat is easy to clean, you just throw it in the wash with all the other juice soaked crap in your life.  Toki takes so much stress out of the everyday hustle and we are so thankful for Eli and Toki!

Oh 'and' they are safe for all the sensitive baby skin. Both of my children, and myself have a surface dermatitis and our Toki mat is so smooth on our skin  Extremely soft and made with organic materials. This along with so many other reasons is why we hold Toki so dear.

Author Bio: Sy'Vone Murphy is a Wife, Mom, Photographer, Creative director, Content creator, and Floral enthusiast. She is the owner of January Skies, a photography company whose goal is to help you hold onto your most special memories.

Creating Content & Living Life With Toki Mats by Sy'Vone Murphy

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