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Comparing Toki Mat Covers: Bamboo Jersey, Organic Cotton, and Vegan Leather

December 12, 2022

So, you’re looking for the perfect play mat for your baby. You want something that’s soft and thick enough to cushion your hardwood floors, you know you want something non-toxic, and you want a material that’s easy to care for. Check, check, check. Made from natural latex foam, our mats are the high-quality, certified-safe products you’ve been searching for. The only dilemma? Which cover to pick! Our mats come in a range of sizes that are easy enough to choose from, depending on the size of your play space, the number of children you have, and other factors to consider. However, because we offer several covers made out of different materials, making the choice between the bamboo jersey, organic cotton, and vegan leather can be a tricky one. The bamboo jersey and the organic cotton are impossibly soft and cozy, making the mat an even more inviting space for floor play, while the vegan leather has the (very) appealing benefit of being totally waterproof. To make the choice a little easier for you, we’re comparing all three covers so that you can make an informed decision and pick the perfect mat for your home. 


Our newest material, the bamboo jersey blend is our softest mat cover yet. Crafted from a soft, stretchy fabric blend of bamboo jersey and organic cotton, the material is buttery smooth and luxuriously silky. Although no bamboo material can be considered organic due to the way it is processed, bamboo is an incredibly sustainable resource that requires very little water and grows quickly without the need for pesticides or herbicides, so you can feel good about choosing bamboo fabric.

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Made from 100% organic cotton, this cover is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified free of harmful chemicals and substances. Super soft to the touch, this material is breathable, durable, and feels welcoming in your baby’s play space. Because organic cotton is processed without harsh chemicals, this gentle fabric is perfect for sensitive skin and better for the environment.

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Crafted from non-toxic, water-based microfiber PU leather, our vegan leather cover is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified free of harmful chemicals and substances. The thickness of this material gives the mat an added layer of comfort that creates extra plush cushioning. Because this cover is fully waterproof, spills and messes are easily wiped away. 

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Although all three covers are incredibly comfortable, the bamboo jersey and the organic cotton covers are super soft to the touch because they are fabric. When the temperature in your house is cold, the vegan leather cover may also feel cold because the material does not breathe as well as its cotton and bamboo counterparts. If you live somewhere with moderate or warm temperatures year-round, this isn’t an issue, but if your house gets extra chilly in the winter, you may want a cover that feels a touch more cozy for your little one. Both cotton and bamboo are soft and breathable, but bamboo is a little cooler and absorbent than cotton, making it perfect for hot days. So, the climate you live in may be one of the deciding factors in picking out your mat cover.


One of our highest priorities as a brand is making sure that we source the highest-quality materials and follow stringent criteria throughout the supply and production chain to create products that are socially and environmentally responsible. However, at the end of the day, our vegan leather is a synthetic material, so it is not as sustainable as bamboo jersey or organic cotton. Although bamboo is a far more sustainable crop than cotton, bamboo jersey cannot be considered organic because of the nature of its manufacturing process. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment, but requires more water and care than bamboo. To conclude, both the bamboo jersey and organic cotton covers are sustainable and environmentally-conscious options! 


When it comes to convenience and ease of use, our vegan leather cover is, hands down, the easiest to maintain. Because the material is fully waterproof, you can take it outdoors to the beach, the park, or wherever you want, and simply wipe clean after use. Even typically messy activities, like sensory play and finger painting can be done right on the mat, indoors, with easy cleanup. If you prefer the feel of fabric, both the bamboo jersey and organic cotton covers are fully removable and can be thrown into the washing machine for convenient cleaning. Both fabric covers are incredibly easy to clean, but if you know you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors or if your baby spits up frequently, the Everywhere mat is a must-have for day-to-day use. 

toki mats everywhere play mats with vegan leather cover stacked on top of each other on the beach

Because there are so many pros for each type of cover, having at least two is great for not only switching up the look of the mat, but also for having the right material for the right time. If you already have the bamboo jersey or the organic cotton, you may want to have the vegan leather cover as a backup on laundry day or when you want to take your Toki Mat outdoors. All three materials are perfect in their own way, so it’s up to you to choose one or two—or three!

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Comparing Toki Mat Covers: Bamboo Jersey, Organic Cotton, and Vegan Leather

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