baby laying on a toki mats play mat with a blanket and a stuffed animal

Cold Weather Essentials for Your Baby

November 28, 2022

Oh, the weather outside is frightful—especially when you have a baby! Despite the holiday season being the most wonderful time of the year, navigating the winter months with a little one can be tricky. Babies are particularly susceptible to cold weather because their bodies can’t regulate their core temperature the way adults can, which means they lose heat quickly when they’re cold. In addition to dropping temps, wintertime also means cold, flu, and RSV season. There’s nothing worse than seeing your little baby congested and miserable, so keeping them warm and comfortable is essential to getting through the winter. Whether you live in a region that gets snow storms, or a region with moderate temperatures in the winter, these essentials will keep your little one happy and healthy all season long.

1. Toki Mats Everywhere Mat

baby laying on a toki mats play mat

The ground may be cold and damp outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! Since our Everywhere Mat features a fully waterproof cover made from high quality vegan leather, it makes the perfect place to put your baby down when you want to get some fresh air or do an activity outdoors. For extra coziness, lay a blanket down to create a soft, warm surface. When you’re all done outside, wipe down the mat with a towel and bring it indoors!

2. Vicks Mini Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Vicks Mini Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

The cold, dry air that comes with winter isn’t just super drying for your little one’s sensitive skin, but is also responsible for the rapid spread of airborne viruses. Because bacteria and viruses can’t travel as well in moist air, running a humidifier and raising the humidity levels up to 43% or higher substantially minimizes the capability of airborne viruses to infect your baby. Dry air is also harsh on the throat and nasal passages, so running a humidifier in your baby’s nursery can make it more comfortable for them to sleep. This quiet, mini humidifier is perfect for small rooms, like a nursery, and the smaller capacity means that fresh water will be running through it more often. Just be sure to clean the humidifier regularly to prevent mold spores from growing!

3. Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment

Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment

This multi-purpose ointment by Tubby Todd has developed a cult following for good reason. Formulated from plant-based ingredients like Colloidal Oatmeal, Jojoba Esters, and Camellia Leaf Extract, this rich, creamy balm is soothing and effective on eczema, rough patches, redness, dry skin, and other irritations. If your little one suffers from eczema, you may find that the dry winter air, combined with indoor heating systems, can cause angry flare-ups that are painful for your baby. This fragrance-free ointment helps protect and heal their skin, and is gentle enough for newborns.

4. Colored Organics Zipper Sleeper

Colored Organics Zipper Sleeper

Footed pajamas are a winter essential because they protect your little one’s toes from the chilly air. This zippered sleeper from Colored Organics features a double zipper for easy diaper changes, has fold-over cuff mitts for little ones younger than 3 months, and is made from soft, organic cotton.

5. Toki Mats Organic Cotton Cover

toki mats play mat organic cotton cover

Although the vegan leather cover on our Everywhere Mat is beloved for its waterproof properties, it’s always a good idea to have a second cover for when you feel like changing things up. Our organic cotton covers are super soft, breathable, and feel warmer to the touch. If your house gets chilly in the wintertime, switching to our organic cotton cover for indoor use can make the mat feel a little cozier for bare feet and hands. 

6. Hanna Andersson Soft Alpaca Bonnet

Hanna Andersson Soft Alpaca Bonnet

This ultra sweet bonnet is crafted from soft baby alpaca and acrylic sweaterknit that feels extra gentle on the skin. The pointed tip design creates an angelic look that’s well suited for your little cherub. The thick wool keeps your baby’s head cozy and warm on chilly days, while ties at the neck keep the bonnet perfectly in place.

7. Boogie Mist Stuffy Nose Spray

Boogie Mist Stuffy Nose Spray

Saline solution is the only safe nasal spray for babies, infants, and toddlers. It treats dryness inside the nose by adding moisture to dissolve and soften mucus. Your little one is bound to get at least one stuffy nose this winter, and since they can’t blow their nose, this super safe saline spray is a must-have for treating dry nasal passages and congestion. The applicator nozzle makes it easy to quickly spray into your baby’s nose to help flush and irrigate their tiny sinuses and provide gentle, quick relief. 

8. NozeBot Baby Nasal Aspirator

NozeBot Baby Nasal Aspirator

This battery-powered nasal aspirator was designed by a pediatric ENT to clear nasal congestion in babies and children. Say goodbye to mouth suction, which, although effective, can spread illness and is just plain gross. This nasal aspirator features three levels of hospital-grade suction, a unique nosepiece that only requires two fingers and frees up your other hand to stabilize your baby’s head. Because it’s cordless and rechargeable, you can toss it in your diaper bag for on-the-go congestion relief.

9. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Dispenser

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Dispenser

A wipe warmer is one of those things that people either swear by or insist they never needed. Those who live in warmer climates may not view it as a must-have, but no one can argue that it makes a huge difference in your baby’s comfort for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. A cold, wet wipe can shock your sleepy baby and cause discomfort and fussiness. This handy wipe warmer takes the unpleasant jolt out of cold wipes, and features a top-heated design to keep wipes at the top at the perfect warmth without drying out lower wipes.

10. Woolino Merino Wool Socks

Woolino Merino Wool Socks

Everyone knows that socks are a must-have at every age, but not all socks are created equal. These baby wool socks are made from ultra-soft merino wool, which helps keep your little one at the perfect temperature. Cuddly soft and comfortably warm, these socks are breathable and absorb moisture to keep your baby’s feet dry and comfortable.

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