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Choosing the Right Size for Your Toki Mat

May 30, 2022

To say there’s a lot to love about our play mats is a massive understatement. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already well-aware that our play mats are uniquely crafted with a latex foam core. If you’re not familiar with latex foam and have never lain on a latex mattress, that might not mean a lot to you. It’s not like memory foam, which has that distinguishable “sinking” feeling as it compresses underneath your weight. Rather, our latex foam provides a springy, responsive surface that’s still soft and comfortable. It’s breathable, bouncy, and comes from all-natural plant latex. Our materials are non-toxic and perfectly safe, with the certifications to prove it. With the health and safety of your baby as our highest priority, we were able to create a mat that cushions and protects your little one so effectively, it’s unmatched. With a portable play mat whose uses have endless possibilities, life becomes much more convenient. So, if your heart is set on a Toki Mat, the only thing that’s left to decide is what size to choose.

Because most mats only come in one size, you may not have ever considered what size would best suit your home. However, Toki Mats come in three different sizes because we know that play mats can and should be usable beyond infancy. Our mats are built to last because we see them as so much more than play mats. Whether you use your mat strictly for tummy time, for lounging with your littles for floor play, or for family picnics outdoors, it is designed to perfectly suit your needs. However, not every size is suitable for every home, and there are a multitude of reasons why one size may be a better fit than the others. To determine what size will best suit your family and home, let’s break down each of our three play mat sizes.

Standard Size

Laying flat at 40 by 40 inches, the Standard size of our play mats is perfect for an infant in a small home. Even if you don’t have a lot of empty floor space, this mat is small enough for your baby to practice tummy time and play. Once it’s folded, it takes up less than 2 feet of space and stores away neatly in the closet. Although all our play mats come with a cotton duster bag, the Standard size is the most compact, making it the easiest to carry around for on-the-go use. Because it’s still spacious enough for your baby to comfortably roll around, it’s the ideal option for smaller homes with less living space. 

toki mats standard size play mat

Mega Size

The dimensions of our Mega size are 55 by 55 inches. With about 21 square feet of thick, bouncy cushioning, the Mega mat provides more than enough room for your child to grow into. As a baby, your little one can roll, crawl, and play comfortably. Once they hit toddlerhood, you can use the Mega mat as an effective crash pad to protect your little one from bumps and bruises. If you’re a parent to multiples, the Mega size is preferable to its smaller version. Although the standard size is more than enough room for twin babies to get their tummy time sessions in, the larger sizes will accommodate them as they become more mobile. 

toki mats mega size play mat

Epic Size

At 5 by 7 feet, our Epic size mat is the largest size we produce. It offers more than plenty of room for multiple children to comfortably play as they grow. It’s over double the width of the standard size mats, making it the best fit for homes with plenty of floor space. If your home has hardwood flooring, you may be concerned about having a safe space for your baby to learn how to crawl. Our Epic size mat is a giant cushion of bouncy, soft goodness, and it gives your little one plenty of room to safely practice crawling from end to end. 

Although this largest size is considerably heavier than our smallest, it still doesn’t take up much room once it’s folded into quarters. Our cotton duster bag allows portability, which makes it especially perfect to bring with you outdoors for a picnic, as it comfortably seats the whole family. However, if carrying something heavy is a difficult feat (due to injury or disability) and you plan to use your mat outdoors, our Epic mat may not be the right fit for your family. Although natural latex foam is highly breathable due to its open-cell structure, its density makes it a heavier material. The size of your play mat will determine its weight, and as our largest size by far, the Epic mat is also the heaviest. 

toki mats epic size play mat
Now that you know the differences between our three sizes, you’re equipped to decide which one is perfect for your home and family. The determining factors in your decision should be: the ways in which you envision using your mat, how long you want to use your mat, and how much floor space your home can accommodate. Although only one of our sizes may be suitable for your home, one thing is certain among all three. They’re all built to last and will provide your family with years of fun, safety, and core memories.
Choosing the Right Size for Your Toki Mat

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