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6 Ways to Use Your Toki Support Pillow

January 23, 2023

It’s official—-Toki is branching out! We won your hearts over with our one-of-a-kind play mats made from all-natural latex foam, and you couldn’t get enough of the soft, supportive material. We know better than anyone that there’s nothing quite as comfortable as latex foam, so we thought, Why not make a pillow from it? So that’s exactly what we did. Our support pillow is our most recent launch, and it’s the squishy, springy stuff that dreams are made of. At 40” long and 5” wide, it’s the perfect size for everyone in the family! The removable cover comes in organic cotton and bamboo jersey, while the pillow insert is made from organic latex foam scraps that give it that super soft, but dense and durable feel. Because latex foam returns to its original shape quickly, this pillow is made to withstand years of everyday use and play. Here are all the ways you and your family can use our support pillow:

baby leaning against a toki mats support pillow and play mat

1. Side sleeping during pregnancy

About 20 weeks into pregnancy, it’s recommended that expecting mothers stop sleeping on their back through the entire night, and instead sleep on their side (preferably, the left). Not only can sleeping on your back be uncomfortable as your baby grows because the weight of your uterus puts pressure on your spine, but it’s also thought to be dangerous as the position can potentially reduce blood flow to the baby. To make side sleeping easier, many expecting moms invest in a pregnancy pillow that supports the back, hips, and belly. The downside to some of these pillows is that they’re large and bulky, taking up the majority of the bed. 

Because our support pillow is smaller and slim, it’s easy to maneuver throughout the night if you need to swap sides. The soft but dense latex foam provides the perfect amount of support for your growing bump, and wedges comfortably between your legs to provide support for your hips as well. We love multi-use items with longevity, and this one fits the bill. 

2. Tummy time prop for baby

While your baby will one day sit, crawl, walk, and run, it actually takes quite a bit of effort to get them there. Tummy time can start from the first day you bring your newborn home, and helps them build all the necessary muscles in their neck, trunk, and shoulders for gross motor development. Floor play is great for your baby, but, unfortunately, babies aren’t huge fans of it in the beginning. Honestly, who can blame them? After all, without the muscles to hold their disproportionately large heads up, it’s a difficult and uncomfortable feat. One thing that helps them tolerate tummy time a little better is a high quality, comfortable play mat. The other thing that can make it easier is giving them something to prop up their chest as they get used to the position. Here’s where our support pillow comes in handy. The slim, supportive design gives babies an elevated advantage that piques their interest and gives them a hand as they work the necessary muscles!

3. Sitting support for baby

As your baby learns to sit up independently, placing a pillow behind them can help them feel supported and also put your mind at ease from worrying that they’ll hit the floor when they (inevitably) lose their balance. Your Toki support pillow is the perfect prop to grow with your little one. Curl it around their waist in a C-shape to help maintain their balance as they sit independently, and watch it become a comfortable play accessory as they master their gross motor milestones!

4. Play accessory for toddler

Once your toddler learns to walk, run, and jump, they’ll begin to explore their surroundings and test boundaries with their bodies. Toddlers are like wild animals, jumping from one place to the next, flinging themselves against soft surfaces, and throwing objects just to see what kind of sound the action will make. It’s all part of their learning process, and also their way of staying in tune with their bodies. The Toki support pillow has endless possibilities for a creative toddler. One second, it’s a place to rest their dizzy heads after spinning in circles, while the next second, it’s a train for their stuffed animals. Let your child discover a new world of open-ended play with their support pillow!

toddler laying on a toki mats play mat and surrounded by a support pillow and play cubes

5. Nursing and feeding support

While nursing pillows are a common purchase for new parents, the reality is that any flexible, supportive pillow will do. Our support pillow is perfect for parents who don’t want to accumulate extra “stuff” and prefer items that have a variety of uses. Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, your arms are bound to get tired holding your baby at an angle during feeds. To prevent muscle fatigue, using a pillow to prop up your arm can make a world of difference in comfort. The Toki support pillow can be used this way, or it can be curled into a nursing pillow’s classic C-shape to place around your waist and elevate your baby during feeds. 

6. Cuddling

Did you know that studies have shown that a “huggable communication medium” (i.e. a body pillow) decreases stress levels? There’s something ultra comforting about cuddling a body pillow and because this support pillow is smaller than your standard body pillow, it’s easy to bring around anywhere. Whether you’re laying on your couch, watching Netflix, or just in need of lower cortisol levels, hugging the Toki support pillow can bring much needed comfort and relaxation. Oh, and the same goes for your toddlers! Encourage your little ones to cuddle their support pillow when they’re lounging in their play room, and it can quickly become a source of comfort as they regulate their emotions.

dad and his two kids playing and cuddling on a toki mats play mat and support pillows
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6 Ways to Use Your Toki Support Pillow

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