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6 Easter Activities for Your Toddler

April 3, 2023

Spring has finally arrived, bringing along warmer weather and more than one reason to celebrate! If some of your favorite childhood memories involve the Easter holiday (or even if you’re looking to start new traditions), you’ll be excited to pass those memories onto your own kids. With Easter just around the corner, there are so many opportunities to do fun, engaging activities with your little one. From dip-dyeing eggs in different colors to new sensory activities, there’s plenty of Easter fun to be had. Head outdoors for some fresh air and vitamin D to do these outside, or keep the fun indoors. Either way, these activities are sure to create some very hoppy core memories for both you and your toddler!

1. Easter egg hunt 

It wouldn’t truly be Easter without this classic game. You can fill your plastic Easter eggs with candy, but if you’re looking for sugar-free alternatives, you can play up the game by adding a numbered piece of paper. Whether you’re hiding 10 or 20 eggs, numbering them is a fun way to help your toddler learn and recognize numbers, as well as figure out which eggs they still have left to find! Another fun spin on this hunt can be to turn it into an adventure by putting clues inside the eggs. Your toddler can bring you the clue, and you can read it to them to help them figure out where the next egg might be. It’s an exciting way to keep your little one engaged, and it helps them with their language skills!

baby sitting on a toki mats play mat outside

2. Dyeing eggs

This age-old activity is a must-do on Easter, and we love dyeing hard-boiled eggs in ways that keep them edible for snack time. One way to dye your eggs is to spread whipped cream in a large baking dish, add a few drops of food coloring, then use a toothpick to swirl the coloring in a marbled design. Then, have your toddler roll the eggs in the colorful whipped cream to create their own designs! To create speckled eggs, lay out cups of rice and add a drop of different colored food coloring to each cup. Your little one can put an egg in whichever color they’d like, then gently shake to create a textured pattern. 

3. Egg matching

Once you’re all finished with your Easter egg hunt, separate all the plastic eggs and mix them up in a large container. Have your toddler match the egg halves with the correct colors to help them work on color recognition and fine motor skills. If you want to make it even more challenging, you can roll small balls of play dough in corresponding colors and have your little one put the same color inside the eggs before closing them!

4. Easter egg rescue

If you have a young toddler, you can help them develop their fine motor skills by dropping your small plastic Easter eggs into a container and handing them a pair of tongs or a ladle to scoop out each egg. If your toddler is older, you can up the challenge by first filling the container with water. The water will make the eggs extra slippery and the task that much harder, so it’s sure to keep your child busy and focused! If you’re doing this activity indoors, place a thick towel or your waterproof Toki mat down on the floor to catch spills and make cleanup easy.

5. Finger paint decorations

If you have Amazon boxes laying around your home, you can cut out large cardboard squares, then use a black marker to draw a simple Easter egg design that your little one can color in with finger paint! You can also cut out large egg shapes from regular white paper and glue or tape them onto the cardboard to prevent a soggy mess. Give your toddler full creative freedom to decorate their paper Easter eggs, then allow the paper to fully dry! To keep mess to a minimum, do this activity on your waterproof Toki mat inside or outside (it wipes clean!).

toddler sitting on a toki mats play mat

6. DIY egg basket

The next time you find yourself running out of eggs, make sure to save the carton once you’re finished with the dozen. Cut the top of the carton off, then let your toddler color the bottom half. They can use regular markers, dot markers, paint brush markers, finger paint with sponges, or stickers to decorate it however they see fit. Once it’s finished and dry, take a wide piece of ribbon or thick rope and use a hot glue gun to secure it around the middle of the empty carton and create a handle. When your little one does their Easter egg hunt, they can put the eggs they find in the basket of their own creation!

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6 Easter Activities for Your Toddler

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