5 Baby Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Baby Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

February 5, 2020

As busy parents, we are always on the lookout for products to make this gig just a tad bit easier. Here are 5 of our faves!

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack

The world's first safety-certified weighted sack for improved sleep and relaxation.

Most parents have seen the wearable blankets that a baby can safely sleep in. They usually zip on and off so that there is no risk of any material ever covering your baby's face. They're great for keeping your baby warm and cozy.

So, what's different about the one from Dreamland Baby?

This sack easily and safely zips onto your little one, but the unique feature that makes it unlike any other is the all over weighted design. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know how popular weighted blankets have become for children and adults. And according to the Sleep Doctor, weighted blankets have a positive effect on people who use them. The Dreamland Baby weighted sack utilizes the very same concept to give the same benefits to babies!

What are the benefits your baby feels when sleeping in the weighted sack?

  •  They feel like they're being wrapped in a hug
  • Improved sleep and relaxation
  • The gentle weight increases both serotonin and melatonin which reduces stress and gives way to feelings of calm
  • Helps your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

Parents are loving this product. Alex S. writes:
"This product truly saved us. It gave us back our nights, and helped our little guy sleep 6-7 hours every night. I can't thank Dreamland Baby enough for making such an incredible product. I would suggest it for any new moms out there.”

Sleep is extremely important for your baby's physical and cognitive development, and let's not forget how much you need your sleep, too! Getting out the door to enjoy the sunshine in spring goes a lot better when everyone is well-rested and happy. The first step to being ready for springtime adventures is getting your baby the sleep they need...and the Dreamland Weighted Sack will help with that!
Have a newborn who's not yet rolling over? Dreamland Baby also has a weighted swaddle/sack combination that will transition with your baby as she grows.

But does the weight of this wearable blanket make it too heavy for spring use?
Not at all! The Dreamland Weighted Sack is made of breathable 100% cotton fabric with a TOG rating of 0.6 and is perfect for both warm and cool climates all year long.

TushBaby Hip Seat Baby Carrier

TushBaby Hip Seat Baby Carrier

"The easy, stylish way to carry your kids."

I think we're all pretty familiar with the array of baby carriers that are available to strap your baby on you as you explore the city (or just make dinner because they won't let you put them down.) But the problem with these carriers is that once you strap your baby in, (which let's be honest - basically takes an advanced degree in engineering to get them there safely), they're staying put.

And I think we all know that once babies get to a certain age, they're not going to be cool with never getting down - even if they do love being held.

So what's a parent to do?
This is where the life-changing TushBaby product comes in. Instead of a pack that straps your baby in, the TushBaby is an ergonomic USA safety-certified baby carrier that sits above your hip. You can even ditch the diaper bag because this carrier has a large storage area beneath the seat, with enough room to store your and your baby's essentials.

How does the Tush Baby work?
Think of the Tush Baby as an innovative fanny pack with a specially designed seat for your little one. It's lined with memory foam and is topped with an anti-slip fabric patch. Basically, this allows you to carry your baby on your hip without all that extra weight. I think we all know how it goes...your baby wants to be held, refuses to be put down, but your back is aching and you're convinced your arm is going to fall off. This product takes care of that by letting the hip carrier handle the weight while you still get to carry your little love.

This is even doctor-approved! Dr. Nash, a pediatrician writes:
"Tush Baby's hipseat puts the child's hips in the proper "M" shaped position with thighs supported, also known as the 'Spread Squat Position." Sitting with this alignment decreases the risk of hip dysplasia. As a result, TushBaby is an anatomically safe product for babies' bodies."

Spring means a lot more outings in your near future. And even though this carrier is perfect for indoors, too, it can really be a lifesaver when it comes to day trips and sightseeing. Those events often mean hours on your feet where your little one wants to be held...but of course also wants down so they can play, run around, and get the perfect glimpse of whatever it is they need to see. Until they want back up again. Tush Baby to the rescue!

The Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

The Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

"It's time to drop the cord and get outside."

Bottle warmers aren't anything new. Electric ones that you plug in have been helping parents keep their babies' milk warm for awhile. But clearly this doesn't help you when you need to leave your house...and when a beautiful day shows up, the last thing you want is to feel tied down because your baby won't drink cold milk.

What's the solution?
The Baby's Brew is the first-ever battery-powered portable bottle warmer - which means you can keep your baby's milk warm wherever you need to go! Unlike other portable bottle warmers that either take forever to warm up or are rarely reliable, the Baby's Brew heats up consistently to your desired temperature every single time. Is there anything worse than being out at a restaurant with a screaming baby only to have to ask for a warm bowl of water to warm your milk? Or trying to convince your baby to down a cold bottle of milk because there's no other solution? The Baby's Brew makes feeding time a breeze even when on the go.

So what's this portable bottle warmer all about?

  • 3 temperature settings means every baby gets the warmth of milk they desire
  • Its slow-heat mechanism means that it's safe for breast milk - and it even offers a temperature of 98.6 degrees...the safest temperature for breast milk
  • Includes an attached formula dispenser making formula feeding mess-free
  • Once heated, the bottle stays heated for 4-5 hours, meaning you'll always be ready when your baby gets hangry

Not only that but the sleek, stylish design of this bottle warmer means you'll actually look forward to carrying this out on those warm, spring days. We guarantee everyone will be asking where you got it.

Little Bae Bae Retractable Pacifier Clip

Little Bae Bae Retractable Pacifier Clip

"Your solution to all your pacifier problems!"

How great is a pacifier for calming your little one to get them to sleep or just chill out?! I even know moms who don't have pacifier-taking babies who wished they would because it has such a calming effect...and sometimes it seems like the only solution! But what's not so great is when all your baby wants is a pacifier and you can't find it anywhere! It's like the same sock-stealing fairy who takes one sock from the dryer also has a thing for baby pacis.

Or what about the pacifier that's constantly falling or dragging on the ground and you have no way to clean it so you just pop it back in and hope for the best? Kinda gross.

So we know there are pacifier clips, but these can only extend so far. In order to be a safe product, it has to be short enough that it won't wrap around your baby's neck. Which is super important, obviously, but that means it has to be clipped to the top of your baby's shirt or pajamas. And sometimes that doesn't always work for what they need.

In comes the retractable pacifier clip from Little Bae Bae!

Here's to:

  • No more dragging pacifiers as a baby crawls - it's short enough when retracted!
  • A short AND long pacifier clip in ONE...meaning it can be clipped farther away from your baby (such as on the car seat) but safely and softly retracts to a short length when baby spits it out
  • A safe, non-toxic product that's easy for you and your baby to use
  • A pacifier clip that can be attached to any pacifier that has a hole

Just because springtime is around the corner doesn't mean your baby's going to give up their pacifier. But trips out mean more chances for lost or dirty pacifiers. Little Bae Bae changes all that! Which is why you need one (or several) of these so your baby is never without their paci even on the go. And YOU get to keep your sanity.

Toki Mats Padded Play Mats

Toki Mats Padded Play Mats

"Softest.Mats.Ever...give your kids the support they need to play."

Typical baby play mats have loud prints and are often adorned with plastic attachments for your baby to play with. This doesn't make them bad, but they definitely leave something to be desired. And have you ever tried to squeeze under one of those ones with an overhead mobile to try and play alongside your little one? It's tough!

Toki Mats recognized a need for a comfortable baby play mat made with high-quality materials (that also didn't stick out like a sore thumb among the calming home decor.) Parents want a safe and cushioned place to put their baby down for the ever-important tummy time or to practice milestones like rolling over and sitting up. And of course, it needs to transition to toddlerhood easily, too. Did someone say somersaults? This is what Toki Mats are all about!

The best part is that the mats are large enough that you can get down on the floor with your baby and play alongside them. But if the "oversized" part scares you, don't worry...these mats fold up for easy storage.

So how can this Toki Mats help you as you transition from winter to spring?
These mats are perfect to take outside so you and your baby can enjoy the sunshine together in your backyard. Have a park play date and you're not sure where to lay your little one? These fold up easily to take with you on the go. No more scratchy grass or constant holding. And the easy zip-off washable covers also mean you don't have to worry if the mat gets a little dirty. Just swap it out for a different cover in the meantime...and voila! Indoor playtime is back on.

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