10 best baby shower gifts for 2022

10 best baby shower gifts for 2022

February 14, 2022

Baby shower gifts are often really difficult to shop for! You want something that’s cute, special, and that a new mom and their little one are going to cherish forever. But it’s hard to find items that actually check all those boxes when searching for baby shower gifts.

Luckily we’ve done the heavy lifting and have found great brands and amazing products for mom and baby. That’s why we’ve put together the best baby shower gifts for 2022 to help make shopping so much easier!

1. Darling Clementine Little Rabbits 

Darling Clementine has a huge variety of items to choose from across different types of products, so it’s a good option if you can’t quite decide what to get. One of our favorite items as a baby shower gift from Darling Clementine has to be the Little Rabbits. Handmade in Peru, each Little Rabbit is made from 100% cotton canvas and has a hand-embroidered face, making it a true keepsake. 

2. Toki Mats Padded Vegan Leather Mat

Toki Mats offers a wide range of play mats that are meant to be used everywhere and anywhere - making them perfect for playtime and a gift that will last a long time! The latest collection of Toki Mats are made with non-toxic vegan leather, and features natural foam for padded comfort that’s soft but firm for little ones to crawl and play.

3. Pretty Please Boutique Teethers Reed Teething Ring

Teething is definitely a stressful time for both mama and baby but Pretty Please Teethers can make it easier. Featuring modern designs and soothing colors, Pretty Please Teethers provide a lot of relief for babies and moms. They are made with natural beechwood and silicon beads and can be placed in the freezer for extra cooling relief. Plus, the wood can help reduce sore and achy gums while budding teeth come in.  

4. Bink Mama Bottle

Baby shower gifts can be for mama too, especially ones that are practical and still look good! The Bink Mama bottles are there to help pregnant and nursing mothers reach their hydration goals and meet their daily recommended water needs. It’s the first-ever water tracking bottle designed for this function, and it’s a wonderful self-care gift to gift for a baby shower. 

5. Heritage Baby Designs Encanta Ring Sling

Heritage Baby Designs creates gorgeous, Canadian-made ring slings for baby, made with 100% European linen. Each ring sling features an aluminium ring, ready to support little ones as they grow from infant to toddler. The ring slings are a lovely functional gift, and are incredibly convenient. They fold nicely and can fit diaper bags and travel bags easier, making them super versatile to use.

6. Rey to Z Navy Blue Terry Heart Hat

If you’re looking for an adorable personalized baby shower gift, look no further than Rey to Z. Featuring the cutest baseball caps, each one can be personalized with embroidered words and images. You can choose from a wide range of colors for the caps, and it makes for a really unique gift that will be treasured forever and they look super cute on! 

7. Little Sleepies Pink  & Milk Bamboo Viscose Zippy

Zippys are a practical and adorable gift to give, and what better than zippys with cute patterns? Little Sleepies has a lot of options to pick from luckily, and each one is perfect for snuggles. Made from buttery soft bamboo viscose, the material is perfect for sleepy nights and cozy cuddles. With modern and fun designs as well fold-over feet and mittens, Little Sleepies is the perfect all-rounder baby shower gift. 

8. Rookie Humans In The Savanna Standard Size Crib Sheet

Rookie Humans has an incredibly selection of gorgeous crib sheets, making it hard to pick just one. The Savanna crib sheet features cute illustrations and is made from super soft 100% cotton sateen that makes getting to sleepytime more fun.  Plus, the sheet makes for a perfect backdrop for photos, so it’s a really a win-win with this baby shower gift. 

9. Handmade Merino Wool Teddy Lovey

There’s something so comforting about stuffed animals, and no one does them quite like Odin Parker. Each teddy is is exquisitely crafted with meticulous detail, and features adorable designs and super soft merino wool. The teddy lovey makes for both a beautiful decoration and a truly unique keepsake gift that will be cherished forever. 

10. Love Bubby J'adore Milk White Baby Bib

Love Bubby is perfect if you’re looking for a baby shower gift that makes a statement. Each of their items, including this super cool J’adore Milk bib, is based on the idea that you’re never too young to make a statement. Choose from fun slogans and cute designs for an unforgettable baby shower gift this 2021. 

Toki Mats offers a wide range of play mats, nursing pillow covers, and accessories that make for great holiday gifts. Make sure to join our Facebook group for exclusive VIP content and discounts. To learn more about Toki Mats, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

10 best baby shower gifts for 2022

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