5 Reasons Why Parents Say Their Toki Mat Is the Best Purchase of 2024

Four children playing with toy cars on a patterned mat, with a large stylized yellow star in the background.
Child sitting on stacked foam cushions holding a wooden toy car.


It’s made from latex foam

1” thick natural latex foam provides protective and responsive padding to safely support your little one from milestone to milestone.


It’s safe for your baby—and the planet

Every component, from the foam to the zipper, is completely non-toxic and responsibly made — with the certifications to prove it.

Toddler in yellow outfit sitting next to a plush toy and patterned blocks.
Two children playing with soft blocks and a puppet, with an adult assisting.


It’s not an eyesore

Parenthood doesn’t have to mean compromising your design aesthetic! Our colors and prints are modern yet playful, and fit right into your home.


It’s easy to clean

Designed with the busy parent in mind, our covers are fully removable and either machine washable or waterproof for easy cleanup.

Baby on floral mat with adult hands touching gently.
Baby with a yellow headband playing with toy kitchenware on a patterned blanket.


It’s portable

Foldable and portable for easy storage or on-the-go fun, our mats are made to go wherever you go.

  • Reversible play mat with a simple line pattern, one side white with black lines, the other dark gray.
  • A reversible play mat with moon phase and striped patterns.
  • Reversible mat with a peach floral design on one side and a gray pattern on the other, labeled 'toki MATS.'
  • White play mat with a multicolored floral pattern and grey underside.

The Toki Mat

Meet the perfect play mat for your baby’s tummy time or toddler’s playtime! They're super comfy, easy to clean, and easy to carry. With all natural materials, we made your dream mat.


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Illustration of a smiling baby sitting on a fluffy gray cloud.

Super Soft

Soft enough to catch tumbles, firm enough to support standing.

A hand gently holding a leaf with two heart shapes above it.

Safety First

All play mat materials are certified free of dangerous toxins.

A soapy sponge with bubbles and sparkles, indicating cleanliness.

Mess Ready

Wipe or wash to easily clean up all of life’s little messes.

Illustration of a pink suitcase with wheels and a handle, decorated with rainbow patterns.

Bring Along

Super portable and storable - go wherever, easily.

Customer reviews

Toddler with curly hair lying on patterned blanket, looking away thoughtfully.

"Perfect for Family Floor Time!"

We LOVE our Mega size playmat! Every night after dinner we put it on the living room floor and it comfortably fits parents and baby while we play, read books, and catch up for the day. We have also gotten many compliments about how cute it is! We'll be headed on our first family roadtrip this summer and plan to bring it with us as the perfect play space for our girl while our rental. So glad we bought it while she was tiny because we have gotten so much use out of it already!


Baby with a pacifier lying on a mat with toys and a person's hands visible.

"Absolutely Worth the Investment"

I was sceptical about the price of the mat, but I just didn't feel comfortable purchasing a mat where I didn't know anything about the materials, where it was made or the company. I purchased the mega size for my son for Christmas, and I LOVE it. This mat is truly worth every single penny. My son loves playing on the soft mat. It's so comfortable and the perfect size. We have wood floors and sitting on this mat you wouldn't even know! Perfect softness and great quality...what else can you ask for!


A mother and baby cuddling on a patterned blanket at the beach.


Love our mat! It’s exactly what I was looking for in so many ways—padded, several sizes, no harmful chemicals, easy to clean, and doesn’t scratch with dogs/kids. I had a few questions before purchasing and the customer service/response time was amazing. I even loved the emails after I ordered about my mat being on the way, tips, etc. They got me excited and made it extremely easy to track my order. The only negative I have about the mat is that after use, the cover becomes a little loose and doesn’t look as crisp/fitted. It has some ripples because it’s loose from using. We love this mat and would highly recommend. Wish I knew about it sooner!


Customer reviews

Play Mats

Designed to allow the freedom to play, tumble, and grow and to always know that it’s okay to fall.

Baby lying on stomach, wearing grey outfit, on a star-patterned mat.

Tummy Time

A soft, comfortable space for little ones to practice tummy time.

Child joyfully playing with stuffed toys while jumping onto a blanket on the floor.


A soft, comfortable space for little ones to practice tummy time.

A woman and a baby playing with toys on the floor in a bright room.

Family Play

Dense cushioning supports babies and adults alike for family play.


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