About us

Why Toki?

Toki comes from the Hebrew word "Matoki", meaning sweetheart, one of the many nicknames used for Eli's minis.

Play Together

Toki Mats is all about playing together. We love that our play mats pad the falls of your babes at each milestone: tummy time, rolling over, crawling, those first standing tumbles. We especially love that they’re comfy for parents too. Cuddles, airplane, and yoga poses are just a few of our favorites.

Quality Materials

Our mission was to find the safest materials without compromising on comfort. The foam we use is revolutionary - made from the sap tree, it is completely breathable, has just the right firmness, and is soft enough to make you want to cuddle up with your kids.

Modern Designs

We also know how important (and fun) it is to decorate the homes we build for our family with our personal aesthetics, so we curated modern designs for the covers.


The play mat covers are washable and interchangeable for multiple design options. We also designed the mat to fold and store easily when not in use. Each mat is built with two loops to secure toys or binkies.