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Why You Should Pamper Your Pup With a Toki Dog Bed

August 15, 2022

There’s a reason (actually, there are many) that dogs are considered man’s best friend. For the past 15,000 years or so, dogs and humans have had a symbiotic relationship that has benefited us greatly. Studies show that dog owners tend to live longer than non-owners, and also recover better from major health events like a heart attack or a stroke. Anyone who has ever had a canine companion can attest to the pure joy that our pups bring to us. After all, they love us unconditionally, greet us at the front door with unbridled excitement whether we’ve been gone for 10 minutes or 10 days, and comfort us when we’re feeling down. A Washington State University study even found that petting a dog for just 10 minutes significantly reduced cortisol (a stress hormone) levels in participants. It’s true that we don’t deserve dogs, but the least we can do for our favorite furry friends is to give them the level of care they truly deserve. That’s why we created a premium dog bed from the same high-quality, ultra-comfortable materials that parents all over the world trust for their babies. Here’s why your fur-baby should be relaxing on a Toki dog bed:

Safety comes first.

If you wouldn’t trust something to be non-toxic for yourself, you shouldn’t trust it to be non-toxic for your dog. All our materials are globally certified clean, meaning they’re perfectly safe for the environment and your pup. As a furry member of your family, your dog deserves to sleep without harmful toxins affecting their health. Our Dunlop latex is GOLS-certified, meaning that it has passed the strictest criteria throughout the entire supply and production chain, and been deemed environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and safe. For more information about our certifications, you can read our blog post here.

Easiest cleanup. Ever.

Dogs are angelic, exquisite creatures that also happen to be very messy. Those big, wet kisses they give you are oh-so-sweet, but cleaning their drool off your furniture is also just…gross. Most dog beds are too large for home washing machines that aren’t front loaded, and hand washing is inconvenient. The solution? Waterproof materials that are drool-resistant, scratch-resistant, and other-bodily-fluids-resistant. Our dog bed covers are made from Oeko-Tex 100 certified non-toxic, water-based, microfiber PU vegan leather. Super soft, super easy to clean, and super comfortable, these covers are a dream for every pet-owner.

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They deserve a bed as comfortable as yours.

Have you ever noticed how even the smallest dogs somehow manage to take up all the room on your bed? You can swear up and down that you’re not letting your dog sleep in your bed any longer, but once they give you those sad puppy eyes at the end of the day, all conviction goes out the window. And how can you possibly say no? Your pup is the light of your life, and who can blame them for preferring your soft, comfortable mattress over their polyester-filled pillow on the floor? Now, with a Toki dog bed, they have a mattress of their own. Our Dunlop latex foam is the same kind that goes in many latex mattresses because your dog deserves to have their own bed that’s soft, supportive, springy, and exceedingly comfortable.

They won’t stay young forever.

At some point or another, every dog owner has to come to terms with the heartbreaking realization that their dog has gotten old. For many, the change is gradual, and you suddenly notice that they’ve adopted a slower pace during walks, there are lumps and bumps appearing on their body, their naps are longer and more frequent, and they’ve developed a subtle limp. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but our senior dogs aren’t the young, exuberant pups they once were, and they need a bed that supports their aching joints. Thanks to the springy, responsive nature of latex foam, our dog beds provide dynamic support that allows your dog to move comfortably and easily. 

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Here at Toki, we know that pups are so much more than pets—they’re family. Your pooch spends up to 16 hours a day sleeping, so even if your pooch can fall asleep anywhere, you want to give them a bed that’s as comfortable as your own. With a small size of 36 x 28 x 2 inches and a large size of 45 x 35 x 2 inches, we carry a bed that fits your small breeds and large breeds. With a bed as durable, comfortable, and supportive as ours, your dog’s life just got even better.

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Why You Should Pamper Your Pup With a Toki Dog Bed

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