Tummy Time Props

Tummy Time Props
Tummy time is your baby’s first encounter with physical fitness, and just like you and me running on a treadmill- sometimes they hate it! While some babies are natural-born tummy-time athletes, others need a little coaxing. We have rounded up some of our favorite props to entice your little one to make it a few extra minutes.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says tummy time is one of the most important things you can do for your baby’s development. When recommendations changed to have babies only sleep on their backs, babies were less likely to be in the prone position and get their muscles moving. Tummy time solves this! As you dedicate time each day for your babe to play on their tummy, you’ll start to see them get stronger and eventually roll, scoot, and crawl.

Macrame Play Gym

There are countless play gyms out there, but how darling is this play gym from Finn + Emma?? This eight-ways adjustable play gym has a 100% birch wood frame and macrame toys that are hand-knotted by artisans in India using an organic cotton rope. We love that this is a quiet way for baby to learn and engage with texture and tactile sensation- no bright lights or sirens here.

Wimmer-Ferguson Double-Feature Mirror

One sure way to get your baby interested in being on their tummy is by showing them their adorable little face! Mirrors are a game-changer for tummy time, and if you haven’t grabbed one already, we 100% recommend this double feature mirror is awesome because of the black-and-white contrast photos on the other side. We know babies love black and white images, and by flipping this over from mirror to photo, your baby will be so delighted she won’t even notice she’s working out.

Toki Mats

Our natural foam baby playmat provides you and your babes with a soft but firm surface to practice those tummy time milestones and play on the floor. With over a dozen designs, you’re sure to find the style and colors you and your baby love. The mats are great for any surface, which means tummy time doesn’t have to get skipped just because you’re spending most of the day in the kitchen or handing out on grandma’s hardwood floors. Bring your mat with you wherever you go so your babes never miss a day.

Musical Soft Toys

There are so many options when it comes to baby toys that light up and make noise! While not ideal for every situation, you can’t total count these out. If you have a baby who needs encouragement, passing out the toy that makes noise is almost a guaranteed win.
Remember, the goal for tummy time is to help develop your baby’s muscles that they’ll need to start moving independently. Whatever ends up being their favorite tummy time prop, go with it!

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