The Top 5 Places You'll Need a Padded Play Mat

The Top 5 Places You'll Need a Padded Play Mat

Being a mom of an infant, toddler or BOTH, you know that there are many times that you need to multi-task while making sure that your baby is safe and happy while you crush your to-do lists.  Of course, you have your own personal assistant to keep your baby entertained. By personal assistant, I mean that trusty play mat you bought that is the perfect combination of portability, super light, non-toxic and padded - did I say also adorable and modern too? I mean, I could be biased, but I am definitely in love with our customizable play mats.

Here’s my own list of the top 5 places I bring my baby’s personal jungle gym with me

(full disclosure: I bring it everywhere with me. It’s my favorite baby accessory, but this article list my TOP 5).


    Tokimats Padded Play Mat in the Kitchen

    You usually let your baby play in the playpen while you're cooking, but in the morning when you're sitting in your breakfast nook after taking the older ones to school, you want her right there with you as you have your coffee and read. So you put down the padded play mat on the floor, lay out a few toys, and enjoy some quiet and caffeinated time.


    Tokimats Padded Play Mat with Friends

    You love cats.  You really do. You and your husband had one early in your marriage. And you love your girlfriend. You really do. But now, there's just something about your baby being on the same floor that ... well, that those cats that just covered in their business are walking across.
    So when you visit her, you bring the play mat.


      Tokimats Padded Play Mat in the Park

      With a new baby, you acquire new friends who have kids the same age as your babe OR you got lucky enough to have friends who also have little ones like you.  Which also means… PLAY DATES! And in addition to each other’s homes, the 2nd place to go to is the park. Imagine bringing snacks and some toys for some fun in the sun with friends where you can relax, enjoy time with other grown-ups watching your babies play on that padded mat you brought.  Best group tummy time ever.

      4. BACKYARD

        Tokimats Padded Play Mat in the backyard

        Changing up the scenery is refreshing, and one of your favorite places on earth is your awesome backyard.  The trees, the grass, and flowers... it’s your private haven! You can easily bring your baby’s activity mat to play on. It’s where all forms of activity happen, including play time that is safe, fun AND stylish.  Bring your fresh cup of tea or, if you’re like me, coffee with the journal and pen for your daily plans and ideas.

        5. LAUNDRY

          Tokimats Padded Play Mat in the Laundry Room

          Oh boy, the MUST-DO chore of the week (or if your baby goes through many clothes, maybe every few days) and bringing your playpen isn’t quite a lightweight item. So, the next best thing is to bring your handy-dandy padded play mat or, since it can easily be stored, why not just keep another one specifically in the laundry room. Huzzah! Problem solved.  So while you wash, dry, and fold your family’s clothes, your baby is happily playing on his or her favorite gym mat.

          What about you, do you have any other places you bring your padded play mats? Share your story with us! We’d love to hear from you :)

          We love seeing all the creative ways you are using your Toki Mats!
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