Shop Small Guide for New Moms

Shop Small Guide for New Moms
That new mama in your life needs a hug, a nap, and something amazing in her stocking or under the tree this year! Here is a roundup of some of our favorite small businesses to support this holiday season that every new mom will love to find next to the tree.

CanDo Kiddo

Giving experiences over physical gifts is something anyone who’s cleaned out a closet or playroom can get behind- and moms want them too! That’s why we love CanDo Kiddo and her online courses and guides. Give the gift of seamless eating routines, meeting milestones, and simple play. This is truly the most thoughtful gift you can sneak into a new mama’s stocking this year!


Many new moms are dealing with breastfeeding, and with that comes some bumps along the way. BaoBei offers a bOObie Kit that is not just fun to gift. Their kit achieves fit and function for fluctuating breasts during pregnancy & postpartum and helps with mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement pain, and neck kinks.

Ebi Oil Kits

Ebi kits are made with organic, whole plant ingredients chosen to support moms when they need it most. The Oil is an organic, multipurpose oil that hydrates and nourishes any time of day. Believing moms need to take care of themselves before fully taking care of their baby, Ebi offers products to simplify that process.


Matcha anyone? Golde has everything you need for the perfect matcha latte at home. Seriously, it’s easier than the nearest drive-thru. The kit comes with your own bamboo whisk, so just add your favorite milk and you have an instant latte, hot or iced!.

Wow, how fun was that list? We love supporting small shops, so if you have one, make sure to leave a comment at the end of this post so we can check you out. Happy shopping, mamas!

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