Let’s be honest. As a busy, working, mama - I hardly have enough time for crafts + DIY activities with my kids, let alone extremely messy crafts. It sort of stresses me out just thinking about it! I know activities + crafts are so important though, so I rounded up my favorite EASY, NON-MESSY activities to do with the kids this fall!
P.S. - Have I mentioned Toki Mats are the perfect place for non-messy activities?! 
Non messy activities for fall // Toki Mats
Grab your mat, pick an activity, + let’s get crafting! 
Non messy activities for fall // Toki Mats
This is such a great idea for non-messy sensory play. I love the idea of putting the insides of the pumpkin in a ziplock bag so the kids can feel the texture yet it doesn’t get EVERYWHERE and make clean up a nightmare. This is awesome! 
Non messy activities for fall // Toki Mats
I love this idea because it helps kids learn their letters! Draw letters on the front of some pumpkin cutouts, and have your child use tweezers to move pumpkin seeds (or any object) to fill in the letters! You can even practice letter sounds as they play. 
Non messy activities for fall // Toki Mats
This is a great activity that even little hands can make! All you need is a pipe cleaner + some beads! They make great bracelets or even little door hangers for around the house. 
Non messy activities for fall // Toki Mats
Getting new books from the local library or Amazon makes for such a fun fall activity! New books are a great way to stay busy for a while - without any mess! 
Non messy activities for fall // Toki Mats
A great way to get kids excited for Fall is to print out a few new coloring pages all about the new season! For a non-messy activity, we recommend using crayons as opposed to markers ;). 
We hope you loved this round-up of non-messy Fall activities for kids! What would you add to the list? 
We love seeing all the creative ways you are using your Toki Mats!
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