Toki Mats' Top 8 Most Stylish Baby Play Mats

Toki Mats' Top 8 Most Stylish Baby Play Mats

Just as moms have different things to do and places to go, so does your bb.  It may not be as comprehensive, but there are a LOT of things that your baby does that helps a great deal in developing cognitive thinking and doing multiple activities simultaneously.  Check out this list of Toki Mats' top stylish foam mats that you can collect to match your baby's various activities.

1. Snooze fest

Toki Mat x wee gallery adventure awaits whimsical black and white

You have to clean, cook, do laundry, and work on that book that you’ve been meaning to write but haven’t had the time PLUS so many other super mom things that you have to accomplish while your baby sleeps.  Moving the play pen around to each activity is too much effort. OR you can stay in bed with your baby and feel unproductive. Rested, but unproductive. Why not carry this portable play mat with you to put your resting baby on?  It’s stylish with black and white whimsical print with cute animals, critters, and woodland details.


2. Sibling love

Toki Mat Stylish wee gallery forest dreaming black and white

Nothing compares to the bonding that siblings have, especially when they’re growing up.  The teasing, the playing, and the learning cannot be matched!  Think about it- other than food, furniture, and toys, what else can siblings have that they can share and have fun together at the same time? This #2 ranked stylish play mat has black and white whimsical star and character all over pattern that are loved by children of all ages.

3. Solo play with toys

Toki Mat Stylish Mini hearts black and white play mat


Combining solo play with toys and the #3 stylish black and white mini white heart patterned play mat.  Sometimes a child just needs to be in their own little world and have their imagination run wild with adventures and stories.  As Albert Einstein says "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

4. Tummy time 


Toki Mat Stylish Rifle Paper Co grey and white polkadot play mat


Our #4 stylish foam mat is by Rifle Paper Co x Toki.  It’s grey with a white polkadot print. With tummy time or crawling, it’s building baby’s core strength and the start of building physical body strength.  Now, mix that with a tee-pee to play hide and seek with...phew...that is one happy baby.

5. Safe place for your baby to calm down

Toki Mat Stylish Baby Foam Icy pines bear & gray and white stripe play mat

There is no parent out there that has not experienced a moody child.  Even as adults, we all have our bad days, and we just want to stay in one place to chill out.  In this case, that one place is our #5 stylish mat in Icy pines bear & gray and white mini stripe pattern.  After a while, the colors can help bring down the rising tide of emotions into a manageable level.

6. Ready for the runway

Toki Mat Stylish Baby Foam Rifle Paper Co - monstera leaf play mat

Up next as the Toki Mats' #6 most stylish play mat is the Rifle Paper Co x Toki: monstera green leaf print.  Daring, bold, and exciting are what comes to mind when we see this baby play mat. This play mat can make you and your child feel like walking in a run way of super fashionista models and just having the glamour magazine-like feeling.

7. Sophistication and mental activity

Toki Mat Stylish Baby Foam Rifle Paper Co - black and white stripe play mat


Simple, creative, and it already makes me feel smarter when I see my baby on the cheshire black and white stripe print play mat.  Because of its simple lines and geometric style, it brings up the inner genius of “solving the world’s biggest problems” in you.  Or maybe that’s just me… but lines have a way of eliciting the smarty-pants in me.

8. Furry buddies and play time 

Toki Mat Stylish Baby Foam Polka dot navy and white


Last, but definitely not least is the #8 top stylish play mat in navy polka dot pattern.  I can’t get over how much the polka dots match so well with babies and furry pals. I love pets and babies, the internet loves babies and pets, many families love babies and pets.  You can google them and you would see a ton of cuteness overload. There are a LOT of things to talk about with the fact that even pets can play on Toki Mats, but no words are needed.  Even though, I can’t tell where the puppy ends and starts, being furry with a baby is all the cuteness level I need to get the sugar dose for the day.


What about you? What's your favorite stylish play mat? Comment below!

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