3 Ways to Turn Tummy Time into Play Time with Your Baby Mat

3 Ways to Turn Tummy Time into Play Time with Your Baby Mat

There are some babies who don't enjoy tummy time and just want to be in mama's arms all...the...time.

Then again, most babies like to explore and are generally happy with either playing alone or with mom or dad.

So, we put together a list of ideas to turn tummy time into play time for both kinds of babies.  *BONUS* We also noted why it's good for your little one to have these kinds of play as "Fun Facts".

1. Bring in the auntie

Tokimat Foam Baby Play Mat with Aunt

Parents + baby time can’t be replaced by any other time. However, Auntie time comes SUPER close.  There’s nothing like having a fun aunt who’s been there since you were born, giving you gifts, piggy-back rides, and feeding you the sweets mama doesn’t allow you to have (shhhh… that’s our little secret).

Fun Facts: 

Having aunts (and uncles) around are super beneficial in shaping your baby’s upbringing. They have different roles that they play like:

  • The “Cool” Aunt. They just look put together and show how much fun life is
  • The confidante and trusted advisor.  Look, your child will usually come to you for advice, but when it’s embarrassing or something that it’s kinda hard to talk about with you, they have their aunt to turn to for support.
  • The extra provider. Gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Not only do they play with you and are your advisor, but they also give you the coolest present that is perfect for you.
  • The surrogate parent.  Parents need to take a break too! Some alone time.  Date night perhaps? And when this happens, who do you call for back up babysitter? The Aunt (or Uncle), of course.
  • The unconditional cheerleader.  Other than Mommies, Daddies, and siblings, Aunts (and/or Uncles) would be next in line to cheer you on your life journey.

2. Hang out with awesome friends

Tokimat Foam Play Mat with friends

Babies! Cutest little munchkins doing things together like learning a new song, playing together with new and old toys, and developing together.  It totally helps boost the acquisition of skills - wait... what? - I mean, doing things with a buddy helps make tummy time experience even better.

Fun Facts:

Did you know that playing with friends has a TON of benefits?

  • They are vital for social development and helps shape their character in the future.
  • They learn to appreciate other people by feeling empathy, affection, and consideration.
  • That’s also the time they learn that other people have different views on how things work.
  • Playtime with friends also helps them figure out how to solve problems and develop critical thinking.

That’s right. If you want your baby to fast-track his or her learning capabilities, bring in the cavalry aka friends.

3. Spend time with furry pals

Tokimat Foam Baby Play Mat with Pets

When you just want to relax and calm down from the exciting day, your furry pals can make all that exhaustion go away and bring a sense of zen.

Fun Facts:

Other than the fact that they can help relax your baby, having furry pals around can teach a lot of silent/body language lessons. Observation skills get leveled up, and that’s just through fun play.  

What about you? What do you do with your baby that turns your tummy time into play time? Share yours in the comments below.

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